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Whispering Beard Folk Festival Preview: Andrew Hibbard

Andrew Hibbard has a seven song EP out. I have listened to it over and over again. From start to finish, and sure the guy sounds like Bob Dylan in all facets, but there is something Andrew has that separates him from that. He, Andrew, has put a lot of work into this.  The stories in his songs are relatable, and he has laid down to cd seven songs that you can travel with or bum around town with. He comes at music with his fresh take I asked him what drew him to this style of music he said “it really depends on what I dig at the time. It does influence me, but my style is a sponge, that soaks up anything that’s juicy to my taste. And it is a sponge that doesn’t like bubblegum.” Andrew can play just about anything catch him at an open mic and you are bound to hear a vast array of tunes from Jerry Lee Lewis to Woody to Hank Williams. He is a student of what has come before him, when I talk to him I almost feel like who is this kid? Almost like he is some sort of enigma well with his baby face, a perm, and penny loafers pinch me to make sure that this kid is real.

His EP, which when I talked to him about it he wasn’t impressed, is called Foot in the Door and he is quite simply doing that. I think his lack of being impressed could be just like any artist, or maybe feeling like he is older now and life has changed. Either way this EP kicks off with the somber, “Missing You.” His harmonica humming like a freight train, and his voice longing to leave and longing to shake it up a song where he wants to hit the road, but when he leaves it won’t be long because he’ll be missing that somebody. Then it gets a little more raucous with “Ramblin Round” and the style carries through somewhat with “You’re Right from Your Side, I’m Right from Mine” and “Ramblin Billy Davis.” Andrew’s talent which makes him captivating are the songs where he takes a second to let the notes ring. Slowing it down a bit are the songs “Memories I’ve Gotta Put Behind” and “As I Long for the One I Adore” where he takes his time to tell the story and makes you sit back and listen.  The final song though, this song wraps it all up and leaves you at the doorstep wanting more. “Not Meant for You” is the song and through this song is a tale of how cruel the world we live in can be, but hope for better “you gotta be rugged, for this world’s not for you.”

Self – taught and with a little help from his father Dave Andrew learned a few chords and it was all down the hill from there. I asked Andrew who his biggest supporters were and he didn’t flinch with, “my parents. They told me at a very young age I could do whatever made me happy and I haven’t been unhappy with music yet, so the burgers can wait.” He doesn’t pay any cause to the future, because for now he is happy. He said “that sticks in the way too much” as in when he begins to think about the future. Andrew and I have been talking for a while about all things music, and with this email interview we did the last question I asked sums him all up, and that question was: why music? Of all the different walks of life to pursue why music, and with this last question I will let him close this out. 

Andrew will be playing The Whispering Beard Folk Festival on Friday. If you get the chance check him out. Here is his answer, “The reason I pursue music is because I don’t really like having jobs. They drain me of my soul, and most of my bosses are just sad people that I don’t wanna be. Oh, and they are D*&^ heads. And music lets me do what I want and never tells me that I didn’t do something right.”

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