Old Pictures / New Pictures

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  • math pop
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We're a 3-piece emo/indie band from Covington. KY.

We have a new EP dropping on 6/17 on all major streaming platforms!



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Old Pictures/New Pictures Release New Live EP 

Short-lived (though perhaps only dormant for the time being) trio Old Pictures/New Pictures are celebrating the release of their 3-song EP, Live at Rhine Records.

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Get To The Gig: Old Pictures / New Pictures Play Their Final Show 

Focusing just on this week, it’s both a privilege and a cause for sadness to have to write about what is likely the final local show from one of my all-time favorite local bands, Old Pictures / New Pictures.

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Remembering a Friend - Local Bands Play Benefit Show This Friday at SGHR 

This October, members of Covington, KY math rock band Old Pictures / New Pictures were faced with the untimely death of a close friend, Jon Wells.

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Fifth & Vine LIVE Returns to Fountain Square 

Head on over to Fountain Square every Friday & Saturday from 7-11p for live music on the Square for Fifth & Vine LIVE!

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Live Stream to Benefit The Southgate House Revival with CincyMusic LIVE and Cincy Groove 

CincyMusic and Cincy Groove have teamed up for two nights of Live Streaming music from over 20 amazing bands to benefit The Southgate House Revival on Friday, September 18th and Saturday, September 19th!

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CincyMusic LIVE with Cincy Groove and The Women's Groovement to Benefit The Southgate House Revival 

CincyMusic, Cincy Groove, and The Women’s Groovement have teamed up for two nights of Live Streaming music from 24 amazing bands and artists to benefit The Southgate House Revival on Friday June 19th and Saturday June 20th!

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EP Review: Old Pictures / New Pictures 

It’s a weird time to be a local band. Or any band. Or just a person, I guess. So, whatever better time to say hello to one of my new favorite local acts, Old Pictures / New Pictures, right?

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