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Old Pictures/New Pictures Release New Live EP

Short-lived (though perhaps only dormant for the time being) trio Old Pictures/New Pictures are celebrating the release of their 3-song EP, Live at Rhine Records.

After a final (for now) show at new art and music space, Pandemonium, at the beginning of June, the band is happy to share 3 new, sprawling and tasty indie/emo/math rock jams that, if they prove to be the last the band shares with the world, are a hell of a high note to go out on.


As I mentioned in my show and album preview earlier this month, “the EP encompasses all of the laid back energy, simple finesse, and undeniable progress the band has managed to capture during their time together, and the live performance video acts as a fitting tip o’ the cap to old and new fans alike. Equal parts noodly instrumental ruminations and off kilter midwest emo, I do feel like it’s music made specifically for me. I’m sure there are many others in the area that feel the same.”

After a few more listens, that all still very much holds true.

Catch the audio recording over at Bandcamp (and remember that today is Bandcamp’s Juneteenth fundraiser, so it’s a great day to purchase something) and watch the slickly produced live video here.