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EP Review: Old Pictures / New Pictures

It’s a weird time to be a local band. Or any band. Or just a person, I guess. So, whatever better time to say hello to one of my new favorite local acts, Old Pictures / New Pictures, right?

Landing somewhere between early The Get Up Kids and short lived math rock outfit Snowing (Street Smart Bicyclist and Algernon Cadwallader also come to mind), Covington, KY’s Old Pictures / New Pictures brings their love of late 90’s emo into 2019/20 with verve and maturity.

Vocalist/guitarist Daniel Hart’s quavering delivery brings to mind Forgive Durden at their most frenetic, or modern off-time champs Gulfer. The jangly guitars, dancing basslines, and nimble drumwork makes this debut EP feel a bit like an album both out of place and time - honestly, there’s no one local doing anything like this musically right now. It’s legitimately exciting. Hopefully you caught Daniel’s solo performance on the CincyMusic Facebook page a couple of weeks back. If not, check it out right here.

Production-wise, the EP is a bit shaggy - but there’s nothing derogatory about that. It’s endearing, really, and helps drive home the fact that with a bit more time and some TLC from a seasoned producer, this is a band that will turn heads as they continue to grow.

There are some relatively straightforward bops, like mid-EP track, “Anyway,” and the energetically melancholic follow-up “Home For You.” Where opening tracks “Forward” and “Relations” veer off into odd time signatures and slightly more forced vocals, these two tracks are the most clearly defined, and likely give a good indication of the kind dynamics the band will pursue as they continue to develop their sound.

Album closer “$12 Modelo” is easily their most adventurous - both the guitar work and drums (the little nod to Maps & Atlases was very much appreciated) are dancey and fun, and the vocal melodies are odd enough to keep you guessing. It’s an ambitious way to end a debut EP, and will certainly make you eager to immediately start it over again, and, of course, anxious to hear what they do next.

Check out the EP, OP / NP on Bandcamp right here. RIYL: Gulfer, The Get Up Kids, Snowing, Maps & Atlases


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Get To The Gig: Old Pictures / New Pictures Play Their Final Show 

Focusing just on this week, it’s both a privilege and a cause for sadness to have to write about what is likely the final local show from one of my all-time favorite local bands, Old Pictures / New Pictures.

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Get To The Gig! - Pinksqueeze w/ Actual Italians, Old Pictures/New Pictures, and Scarlet Street 

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