Bunbury Music Festival Offers Something for Everyone This Weekend

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This weekend, Bunbury Music Festival returns to Sawyer Point & Yeatman's Cove with headliners Fun., MGMT, and The National. Last year was the first year for Bunbury and it impressed many fans of local and national music alike. The festival is sure to satisfy any music fan with over 80 performances; there is truly something for everyone this weekend.

Bunbury has put in every effort to make the festival an enjoyable experience. You may want to read our article on the beer, food, and other amenities that will make your weekend even more awesome.

In addition, we've teamed up with Bunbury and Seven/Seventy-Nine to fill the VIP tent with exclusive acoustic sets from some of our favorite artists playing the festival. If you're not a VIP ticket holder, we will be offering the chance to see one of these sets. You can enter to see Walk The Moon's acoustic set on our Facebook page, or stop by our booth at Bunbury to enter for the other 12 performances.

Tickets are still available online or at the gate for $130 (three-day) or $65 (one-day). You can also still enter to win a pair of three-day passes on us. 

Below is an alphabetical list of the 33 (you read that correctly – thirty-three!) Bunbury artist interviews we have posted over the past few months. Visit our full festival schedule (and bookmark it on your phone) or download a printable schedule to plan your weekend.

Bunbury Music Festival 2013 Artist Previews

Atlas Genius »
What: hooky synthpop
When: Saturday 8:30p-9:30p @ Bud Light Stage 

Billy Wallace » (local)
What: engaging americana
When: Friday 2:45p-3:30p @ Cincinnatus Stage 

Black Joe Lewis »
What: funky blues-soul
When: Sunday 7:45p-8:45p @ Bud Light Stage 

Black Owls » (local)
What: SW Ohio true rock
When: Saturday 5:45p-6:30p @ Lawn Stage 

Buffalo Killers » (local)
What: southern psych rock
When: Friday 6:30p-7:15p @ Amphitheater Stage 

What: trumpety deadpan alternative
When: Saturday 7:45p-9p @ Main Stage 

Channing & Quinn »
What: quirky folk duo
When: Sunday 7p-7:45p @ Cincinnatus Stage 

Civil Twilight »
What: indie rock with a classic style
When: Saturday 3:30p-4:15p @ Bud Light Stage (PLUS Saturday 5:15p-5:30p in the VIP tent

DAAP Girls » (local)
What: dreamy "gutter funk"
When: Sunday 6:30p-7:15p @ Lawn Stage 

Daniel Martin Moore » (local)
What: soulful folk
When: Sunday 7:15p-8p @ Amphitheater Stage (PLUS Sunday 4:30p-4:45p in the VIP tent

Divine Fits »
What: supergroup indie-rock
When: Saturday 9p-10p @ Rockstar Stage 

Green Light Morning » (local, Battle for Bunbury winners)
What: lyric-driven, light-footed pop
When: Sunday 4:15p-5p @ Amphitheater Stage 

Gregory Alan Isakov »
What: hearty folk
When: Sunday 3:30p-4:15p @ Main Stage

The Hiders » (local)
What: psych country-rock
When: Sunday 5:45p-6:30p @ Amphitheater Stage

Jay Nash »
What: soothing acoustic folk
When: Friday 7:45p-8:30p @ Cincinnatus Stage (PLUS Friday 9:15p-9:30p in the VIP tent)

Margaret Darling » (local)
What: pure Cincy singer/songwriter
When: Saturday 2:45p-3:30p @ Cincinnatus Stage

Messerly and Ewing » (local)
What: eclectic indie-pop
When: Saturday 3:30p-4:15p @ Amphitheater Stage

Mia Carruthers » (local)
What: twangy acousti-pop
When: Sunday 2p-2:45p @ Lawn Stage

The Mitchells » (local)
What: smooth acoustic indie rock
When: Friday 2p-2:45p @ Amphitheater Stage

New Vega » (pretty-much-local)
What: Daytonian prog-rock
When: Saturday 2p-2:45p @ Amphitheater Stage

Oberhofer »
What: xylophone-y pop-rock
When: Saturday 6:30p-7:30p @ Bud Light Stage

Ohio Knife » (local)
What: no-nonsense rock n'roll
When: Friday 3:30p-4:15p @ Amphitheater Stag 

PUBLIC » (local)
What: alt dance pop
When: Friday 2p-2:45p @ Bud Light Stage

The Ready Stance » (local)
What: pure tristate indie rock
When: Saturday 2:45p-3:30p @ Lawn Stage

Robert Delong »
What: captivating EDM fusion
When: Saturday 4:15p-5p @ Main Stage

Savoir Adore »
What: easy-to-love indie-pop
When: Sunday 5:45p-6:45p @ Bud Light Stage (PLUS Sunday 3p-3:15p in the VIP tent)

Seabird » (local)
What: piano pop rock
When: Friday 7:15p-8p @ Lawn Stage

State Song » (local)
What: homegrown garage rock
When: Friday 5p-5:45p @ Amphitheater Stage

Those Darlins »
What: punky honky-tonk
When: Friday 8p-9p @ Amphitheater Stage

The Upset Victory » (local)
What: hard punk pop
When: Sunday 2:45p-3:30p @ Amphitheater Stage

X Ambassadors »
What: catchy alt-indie
When: Saturday 2p-2:45p @ Rockstar Stage (PLUS Saturday 3:45p-4p in the VIP tent)

Youngblood Hawke »
What: dance-worthy indie pop
When: Friday 6:45p-7:45p @ Rockstar Stage (PLUS Friday 3:45p-4p in the VIP tent)

You, You're Awesome » (local)
What: eclectic electronica
When: Saturday 7:15p-8p @ Lawn Stage

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Bunbury gets Beats 

Beat Club is a Los Angeles based band consisting of Jeff Kite (keyboards/vocals), Jon Pancoast (bass), and Anthony Polcino (guitars/vocals). The music draws from an eclectic palette of influences ranging from hip-hop to punk rock to world-dance. Armed with an arsenal of songs often driven by...

Catch The Bears of Blue River at Bunbury while you can… 

The Bears of Blue River are pop, do wop, bluegrass, and folk. At least at first glance, but different influences and different era's begin to shine through from track to track. Some soft and innocent, others sharp and anxious. Gavin Wilkinson and Maggie Gard swap fronting duties, sometimes as...

Powerhouse Factories Debuts Powerhouse Live! 

Taking their appreciation of music and culture from two-dimensional prints to a fully-dimensional experience, Greater Cincinnati-based print shop and brand-building agency Powerhouse Factories released their inaugural Powerhouse Live performance on Tuesday, featuring local indie band The...

#MusicMonday Must Haves :: 7/8 - Bunbury Edition 

Each week we do our best to shine some light on a few songs that we feel should be on your radar. All of these songs will be added to our #MusicMonday Must Haves playlist on Spotify, so follow along & click play when you need to find some inspiration!  A select few artists performing at the...

Oberhofer Set to Play Bunbury Music Festival 

Over the course of the last few years, Oberhofer - and their vowel-obsessed indie pop sound - have gone from low-budget basement project to full-fledged touring band. Their story starts in the Northwest, where Brad Oberhofer – the band’s lead singer and main creative force – began writing...

Atlas Genius Shrugs Off Weight of Fast Success 

Keith Jeffery and Atlas Genius have just wrapped another radio festival — this one in Missouri — at the tail end of their first US headline tour. Jeffery is packed, prepped and ready to fly out. He needs downtime. "We're flying to Los Angeles in a couple hours. We've got five or six days off,...

Beer, Food, Lockers & More to Keep you Happy at Bunbury 

Make this weekend at Bunbury Music Festival more enjoyable by taking advantage of the many vendors and amenities. The festival will feature a variety of beer and food vendors, plus a little air-conditioning, security, and power. Beer Options AplentyOver fourteen brewing companies will be...

Enjoy Exclusive Acoustic Performances in the Bunbury VIP Tent 

Bunbury Music Festival comes back into town this weekend, and for the first time the festival has offered early ticket purchasers the opportunity to get the VIP treatment. VIP ticket holders get access to an air-conditioned tent with restrooms, a private bar, massage tables, and a private viewing...

Bunbury Preview: Black Joe Lewis 

Black Joe Lewis is the in all in American blues, funk and soul. Joe Lewis was working at a pawn shop in Austin, TX when he first picked up the guitar.  Shortly thereafter, he immersed himself in the local Red River blues/garage scene, recording and performing with Austin luminaries such as the...

Bunbury Preview: Buffalo Killers 

In the world of Cincinnati rock n’ roll, Buffalo Killers really need no introduction. Having risen from the ashes of the much-loved garage rockers Thee Shams, Buffalo Killers make thick, juicy, fuzzy “blooze-rock” with loving dollops of Southern rock, back-porch-country, and good-times...

CincyMusic.com Battle for Bunbury winners, Green Light Morning! 

The story of Green Light Morning started back when Aaron Bright (keyboards/backing vox) and Aaron Patrick (lead vox/guitar) met touring in previous bands The Big Creak and Oval Opus respectfully. They met when both bands had a song placed in the same Universal movie called Winter...

Bunbury Preview: Jay Nash 

Perhaps more than any other artist in the 2013 Bunbury lineup, Jay Nash is a classic troubadour. He’s got delicate acoustic guitar stylings and a soothing voice. On top of that, he has a stable of songs rich with melody and deep with character, narrative, and meaning. To get these songs noticed,...

Bunbury Preview: State Song 

Emerging from the sleepy winter of 2008, State Song newly formed, began work on a 3 song demo recorded in 3 days at new fidelity productions. In the months to follow they quickly gained a local presence in Cincinnati's solid music scene leading them to open up for many national acts and some...

Robert DeLong turning music into a game 

Every now and again you stumble across a musician who is pushing the boundaries of music production and performance into new and exciting areas. Just Movement, the latest project from Robert DeLong, fuses elements of EDM, house and world beat rhythms into a one-of-a-kind original work of art that...

Bunbury Preview: Messerly and Ewing 

Messerly and Ewing are always evolving. Having been a band over 19 years, M&E put together a new band featuring a more eclectic guitar driven sound and rhythm section of Sean Rhiney and Bill Donabedian. Mark Messerly and Brian Ewing also spend time working with other local bands including...

Bunbury Preview: Civil Twilight 

Civil Twilight will steal your heart with their passionate vocals. After your heart is stolen you will fall in love again with the classical song arrangements, indie rock style.  Originally hailing from Cape Town, South Africa, Andrew McKellar, Richard Wouters, Steven McKellar and Kevin Dailey...

Bunbury Preview: You, You're Awesome 

Two men, a rocking beat and a sweet background video. You, You're Awesome is a two-piece electronic band based in Cincinnati, OH. Winner of 3 Cincinnati Entertainment Awards for Best Electronic Act. Kevin Bayer and Yusef Quotah are You, You're Awesome. At a show Yusef rarely talks so most know the...

  • Interview

The Girl Next Door: An Interview with Margaret Darling 

There is no arguing that Margaret Darling is talented.  From her contributions in The Seedy Seeds, playing the accordion and guitar and singing her heart out, to her solo project, where she is currently focusing her energy, she has continued to grow as an artist, especially as a songwriter. ...

Bunbury Preview: Ohio Knife 

Ohio Knife is bombastic rock n’ roll. Jason Snell’s raspy, two-toned vocals and trashy guitar using off-the-beaten-path tunings may be the driving force for this sonic onslaught. But that’s truck’s pulling a full load of ass-dropping drums and enough booming fuzzed-out organ to make you...

Bunbury Preview: PUBLIC 

PUBLIC are three friends doing what they love to do. PUBLIC were discovered at a high school band challenge surrounded by all their friends on Valentines Day 2012. Since then, PUBLIC have blown up. Playing shows all over town as well as nationally. They have a huge surprise for us at Bunbury,...

Bunbury Preview: The Mitchells 

The Mitchells have taken Cincinnati by storm since their creation not so long ago. They tour the Midwest consistently and play out all over town. It seems every music aficionado I have met in the past year want to know if I have heard of The Mitchells. Sheez…of course I have heard of The...

Bunbury Preview: DAAP Girls 

Who are the DAAP Girls you may ask?  “Just ask the next DAAP girl you meet,” explained Jay Duckworth, their bassist and vocalist.  All five members met while dating the same lady, and even though she was “beautiful and charming,” they “liked each other better,” sharing the same...

  • Interview

Reality Check with KT: An Interview with Mia Carruthers 

I’m not much of a TV watcher and I’m usually spending all my money on recording albums or making videos or whatever my latest vision happens to be at the moment.  So, in short, I don’t budget for cable television.   In 2009, I was on a fun road trip to Nashville with one of my besties. ...

Fantasy pop duo Savoir Adore playing Bunbury! 

Paul Hammer and Deidre Muro are Savoir Adore. Hailing from Brooklyn, NYC, the pop-rock duo have recently re-released previously self-released, Our Nature with The Nettwerk Music Group, a Vancouver-headquartered company that launched Sarah McLachlan, Skinny Puppy and Coldplay. Among the stops on...

Bunbury Preview: Black Owls 

Black Owls walk an exceedingly difficult line in this age of blown-out internet self-promotion: they are mysterious and accessible at the same time. From their brooding, severe-looking album covers to their strange and foreboding videos, their media presence is stark and moody. Their music sounds...

Bunbury Preview: The Ready Stance 

In rock ’n’ roll some tales are just too perfect to make up. And the back story of The Ready Stance is definitely one of them. A truly perfect storm that unfolded within one square block of the historic district in Newport, Kentucky, just across the Ohio from Cincinnati. In these days of...

Bunbury Preview: Get to know Channing & Quinn! 

In a live setting the two do the work of several musicians by playing guitar, ukulele, accordion, drums, glockenspiel, banjo and more. Quirky 2 piece duo Channing & Quinn often tour the country in a rather unorthodox way. Past tours have consisted of Amtrak Train Tours and most recently a tour...

Billy Wallace playing Bunbury Music Festival! 

Billy Wallace is on his way to being an americana, folk, indie legend in these parts. Billy Wallace spent six years playing in indie / folk band The Wading Girl, in Virginia. After the breakup in 2009, Wallace decided to head back home to Cincinnati. Boy, are we lucky he did. Wallace will be...

Seabird release 3rd album Friday at Fountain Square! 

Started by brothers Aaron and Ryan Morgan in '04, Seabird generated a simmering street buzz with their EPs Spread Your Broken Wings and Try and Let Me Go On. Signing with Credential Recordings/EMI, the band made its national debut with 'Til We See the Shore (2008) and its lead single "Rescue,"...

  • Interview

My new obsession: X Ambassadors (Interview) 

X Ambassadors are playing Cincinnati for the first time at Bunbury Music Festival. I was, as others might be, unfamiliar with the band. In preparation for the festival a few months ago, I “spotified” the band and fell quickly and deeply in love. “Unconsolable” has made its way onto every...

  • Interview

An interview with Vincent DiFiore of CAKE 

CAKE has been touring and recording for more than two decades now without ever really getting pinned down to one particular sound or genre along the way. Their most recent album,Showroom of Compassion, debuted at the top of the Billboard charts – a first for the band. They’re currently touring...

Green Light Morning wins the Battle for Bunbury! 

After 330,461 votes and three and a half months, Green Light Morning has been selected by the Cincinnati Music Community to be the winner of the 2013 Battle for Bunbury! The band will perform on the Amphitheater stage on Sunday, July 14 at 4:15. Plus they will receive airplay on The Project 100.7...

The Hiders festival hopping in Ohio! 

The Hiders are Cincinnati music royalty. Spawned by former Ass Ponys/Ruby Vileos guitarist Billy Alletzhauser and actor/singer Beth Harris, they have recorded three full length LPs and have been featured on NPRs World Cafe'. The Hiders have also scored and composed original music for film,...

A Time for Every Purpose: Daniel Martin Moore 

Burlington, Ky. —Daniel Martin Moore is in a light touring year, and he planned it that way. In the run up to his appearance at Cincinnati's Bunbury Music Festival in July, he's been engineering and producing records for his nascent Ol' Kentuck label. “There’s a new record out on the label by...

Cincinnati greats The Upset Victory to play Bunbury! 

Recharged and reloaded with more firepower than ever, The Upset Victory are proving yet again they are the up and coming champs of the Cincinnati indie music scene. In the past few months, they have celebrated their 7 year anniversary, released their 3rd music video, and their 7th studio album,...

Bunbury Preview: New Vega 

New Vega are busy bees this summer! Set to not only release the newest album, Exit Ocean, but also playing Bunbury Music Festival and constant touring. Alex Rundle, Chance Campbell, Adam Sabin, and Zach Sabin all come from a diverse musical background encompassing jazz, rock, folk, pop and...

Bunbury Preview: Gregory Alan Isakov 

Gregory Alan Isakov has been described as a strong, subtle lyrical genius. Born in South Africa, he now resides in Colorado when he is not on tour. His songs hone a masterful quality beyond his years and tell a story of miles and landscapes, and the search for a sense of place. Isakov has played...

Bunbury Preview: Youngblood Hawke 

Youngblood Hawke is your new favorite band. If you do not recognize the name, you are sure to have heard and know all the words to their breakout song, “We Come Running.”  The band name comes from the novel of the same name written by Herman Wouk. The novel is about a Kentucky mountain boy who...

Bunbury Preview: Those Darlins 

Those Darlins are firecrackers of honky-tonk, punk delight. Seeing them live is more than a show, it’s an experience. They have sold out some of the biggest cities, played at some of the best festivals and now Bunbury Music Festival has the honor of hosting them on the Amphitheater Stage on...

  • Interview

Interview: Divine Fits 

Divine Fits are a “supergroup” composed of Britt Daniel (Spoon), Dan Boeckner (Wolf Parade / Handsome Furs), Sam Brown (New Bomb Turks) and multi-instrumentalist Alex Fischel. Debuting at SXSW (2012), the group did a little touring at the end of 2012 in small venues and it built up to large...