Bunbury Preview: Ohio Knife

Ohio Knife is bombastic rock n’ roll. Jason Snell’s raspy, two-toned vocals and trashy guitar using off-the-beaten-path tunings may be the driving force for this sonic onslaught. But that’s truck’s pulling a full load of ass-dropping drums and enough booming fuzzed-out organ to make you lose a filling. Ohio Knife is playing Bunbury Music Festival and we sat down with Jason Snell to talk all things Cincinnati!

How did you get involved in the Cincinnati Music Scene?
I had started making music with (still bandmate) Andrew Higley in DAAP, U of Cincy in late 90's, we cut our teeth with Readymaid at Mad Frog and The Southgate House, played a bunch of shows with amazing bands and helped shape a thriving music scene that has lasted well over a decade with us being a part of many different bands in Cincinnati and beyond.

What's your favorite venue to play? See a show?
In Cincinnati it's a handful, Northside Tavern, The Comet, MOTR to name a few. The old Southgate House was the spot back in its hay-day.

What's the one thing an out of towner should do, or place they should go, when they visit Cincinnati?
One thing? That's tough. Hit Washington Park with a pub crawl through Over the Rhine.

Any surprises planned for your Bunbury performance?
Always. Surprise right?

What's one thing our audience can do this week to engage in and help build up the Cincinnati Music Scene?
Buy a record or two. Crowds continue to get larger at shows which is fantastic, and we're all doing a great job of getting out and supporting the artists, now let’s help them continue to make more music.

What is next for Ohio Knife?
Lots of goodies planned. We've got our original lineup coming back with added legends Andrew Higley, Scotty Wood and Joe Suer hammering the rhythm section of Ohio Knife which is really exciting. A new booking guru and finishing up tunes which will become the first full length for Ohio Knife with a trip to Europe soon. 

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Ohio Knife
Bunbury Music Festival
Amphitheater Stage
Friday July 12th


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