Bunbury Preview: PUBLIC

PUBLIC are three friends doing what they love to do. PUBLIC were discovered at a high school band challenge surrounded by all their friends on Valentines Day 2012. Since then, PUBLIC have blown up. Playing shows all over town as well as nationally. They have a huge surprise for us at Bunbury, releasing a limited edition brand new single! John Vaughn, the frontman of PUBLIC chatted with us prior to the exciting festival weekend. 

What is next for PUBLIC? Are you releasing any new music, touring etc…?
We're pretty excited to be releasing a limited edition single for Bunbury which will be the first piece of new music we're putting out since our EP. As far as touring, we're really pumped to be doing some dates throughout July with Cincinnati based "Bad Veins" who's music we've all loved for a while now. 


What's your favorite venue to play? To see a show at?
I think thus far, the favorite for us to play has been Bogart's. The stage has a really great, solid feel to it -- and the room is nice and narrow which packs everyone in a little more. As far as seeing shows, we're all pretty in love with the more intimate setting you get from The Comet or MOTR Pub or even Rohs Street Café.  


What's the one thing an out of towner should do, or place they should go, when they visit Cincinnati?
It's tough to choose just one thing! But I would say maybe get some Skyline, get some Greaters and then explore Fountain Square and the surrounding area. That's always a great time.  


What bands are you most excited to see play alongside you at Bunbury Music Festival?
That's a tough one because there's so many! With a festival like this that has so many different great acts from all over, we're just flattered to be a part of it. We're definitely glad to be there with other Ohio bands like our friends in Twenty One Pilots, and Walk the Moon, who we used to go watch all the time when they were still local here in Cincy. It will be amazing to know that we're there with other groups from out of town like Vacationer and Atlas Genius too, just to name a couple. There's not much else to say, except that the lineup is amazing and we can't wait to be surrounded by great bands.  


PUBLIC is blowing up, any advice for your local peers?
Well I guess what we would say to younger bands trying to get established is to just keep playing, working, and getting involved and connected in their local music scene. A lot has come from taking advantage of just about every opportunity to network that has come our way.  We definitely still have a long way to go as well. It’s tough being a local band and starting out and trying to make a real name for yourself. The thing that we’ve had to always remember through everything is to just enjoy it all; the highs, the lows, and everything in between. And also to always be open and embracing to change and growth. Even when you think you have your sound, your image, and everything else figured out – you may be surprised at what you have become in a year or even a few months. Just to keep playing, working, and growing - that's what we're doing. 

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Bunbury Music Festival
Bud Light Stage
Friday July 12th



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