Bunbury Preview: State Song

Emerging from the sleepy winter of 2008, State Song newly formed, began work on a 3 song demo recorded in 3 days at new fidelity productions. In the months to follow they quickly gained a local presence in Cincinnati's solid music scene leading them to open up for many national acts and some consistent regional favorites. They have received many nominations for the Cincinnati Entertainment Awards and continue to impress their audiences at every show. State Song are playing Bunbury Music Festival and we chatted all things Cincinnati with this local band.


How did you get involved in the Cincinnati Music Scene?
The same way a lot of people here did. You just meet great, talented people here and once in a while things just sync and it just works. There is so much good music that comes out of Cincinnati, I think if you're a musician here it's hard not to get involved.

What's your favorite venue to play? See a show?
The Northside Tavern is a staple for sure, MayDay and MOTR are also great spaces to perform in and catch a show.


What's the one thing an out of towner should do, or place they should go, when they visit Cincinnati?
Is this where I talk about chili and ice team??? I would honestly say to just get out and walk the neighborhoods OTR, Northside, you can see a lot of what is going on here by experiencing the neighborhoods.

Any surprises planned for your Bunbury performance?
If I told you it wouldn't be a suprise.


What's one thing our audience can do this week to engage in and help build up the Cincinnati Music Scene?
See as much as you can. When you like something share it. Watch the stage not the phone. 


What is next for State Song?
We recently tracked most of our 2nd record that will be released on Phratry Records late summer early fall.

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State Song
Bunbury Music Festival
Friday July 12th
Amphitheater Stage




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