Bunbury Preview: The Ready Stance

In rock ’n’ roll some tales are just too perfect to make up. And the back story of The Ready Stance is definitely one of them. A truly perfect storm that unfolded within one square block of the historic district in Newport, Kentucky, just across the Ohio from Cincinnati. In these days of gimmicky indie projects, The Ready Stance’s time-honored sound is rare: just four guys in a room knocking out earnest, urgent rock, much as it could’ve been done in any decade. The Ready Stance are playing Bunbury Music Festival, and I had to grab at the chance to chat it up with Wes about all things Cincinnati prior to the festival.


How did you get involved in the Cincinnati Music Scene? 
3 members had been in prominent bands during the heyday of the Cincinnati music scene. Randy Cheek was in the Ass Ponys (A&M Records) and Wes Pence and Eric Moreton were both in Middlemarch, So, very 'veteran' pedigrees. Chase Johnston had grown up here, but cut his musical teeth in the vibrant Athens, GA scene before returning to town and forming The Ready Stance.

Do you have a day jobs or is music your full time gig?
Sadly, we all have day jobs, but of course, full time is still the... wet dream!

What's your favorite venue to play? To go see a show?
Venues are so audience-dependent that it's hard to pick a favorite, but we've been fortunate to play several shows on Fountain Square and other outdoor festival venues, where the hometown atmosphere and big sound systems always make them memorable and fun.

If you could work with any artist, who would that be and why? Local artist?
Our friend Chuck Cleaver (Wussy/Ass Ponys) sang a great cameo in a song on our debut album, which was a blast, so we'll probably invite friends on the new record too. But, it will depend on the songs, parts, and who's available when the time comes. 


What's the one thing an out of towner should do, or place they should go, when they visit Cincinnati?
Once they've gotten a good feel for Cincy, folks should definitely make it over the bridges and check out Newport or Covington. Folks are usually surprised to find such a cool and vibey neighborhoods so close to downtown.

What's been you biggest moment so far? The time when you felt like this is why I do this?
The Release Party for Damndest, at MOTR Pub last year was definitely a highlight and very memorable for all of us. We'd worked hard on the record and were proud of it, but we were still just dumbfounded by the turnout, love and support from the hometown crowd. A special night, for sure. 


What advice do you have for a new artist just starting out?
Probably just to keep things in perspective and put the songwriting first. Substance over style. Eclectic instruments and skinny jeans don't equate to good songs. 

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The Ready Stance
Bunbury Music Festival
Saturday July 13th
Lawn Stage


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