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The Ready Stance

"Once upon a time Wes Pence and Eric Moreton played guitar and drums in Middlemarch; A world-class band that the world never got to hear. Pence became a music hobbyist for many years, then met guitarist Chase Johnston, which led to jams and songwriting and Moreton's return and the arrival of Ass Ponys / Libertines bassist Randy Cheek and they called it The Ready Stance. After any number of screamingly successful local gigs and the bands incredible debut album, Damndest, we call it freaking awesome!"- Festival Guide, 2012 Midpoint Music Festival   "Cincinnati has produced so many wonderful musicians. The Ready Stance is among that number. You will be hearing a lot about them in the future.” -Chris Frantz, Talking Heads / TomTom Club“It’s hard to evoke a certain classic style without being overly derivative,  but the Ready Stance really pulls it off—plus they write great songs. To me, that’s triumph.”-Chuck Cleaver, Wussy/Ass Ponys“In these days of gimmicky indie art projects, the Ready Stance’s time-honored sound is rare: just four guys in a room knocking out straight-up, folk-based rock, much as it could’ve been done in 1986 or even 1966. Yarns—all set to sweeping, melody-rich hooks, raw, ringing guitars, and driving rhythms—are rooted in fact and stranger than fiction; literate, image-laden observations with a penchant for classic, bent Midwestern arcana.-Peter Aaron, Music Editor, Chronogram“GREAT guitar sounds”-Stan Demeski, The Feelies "Eats like a meal. Hale and hearty, THE READY STANCE is earnest, urgent American music. Interweaving, tube-fueled guitars careen through melodic yarns with energy to spare. Poignant vocals and textured harmonies."


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