MPMF Homegrown Schedule

The 11th annual MidPoint Music Festival is finally here! For the next three days you can wonder around Over The Rhine and discover great music from around the world. The organizers have really put a lot of time in to making this the best MPMF yet, and I can't wait! has been doing a great job of previewing a few artists, and we have posted an interview with The Antlers here. However, I think the best advice I could give is to not listen to what other people are feeding you. Just go out and see it for yourself! 

We have put together this list of our homegrown talent that you should be checking out this weekend. These bands play in our own backyard every week and deserve your support. They are the backbone of this music community, and without them this event would not be possible:

6:00PM Pomegranates @ Washington Park
8:00PM Belle Histoire @ Know Theatre 
8:30PM Darlene @ Know Theatre 
8:30PM The Prohibitionists @ The Drinkery 
9:00PM Shadowraptr @ Hanke Building 
9:00PM Saturn Batteries @ Main Event 
9:30PM Kelly Thomas @ Japp's Annex 
9:45PM Ohio Knife @ The Drinkery 
10:00PM The Happy Maladies @ Contemporary Arts Center 
10:15PM Fairmount Girls @ Hanke Building
10:30PM Shiny And The Spoon @ Arnold's 
10:30PM Young Heirlooms @ Mr. Pitiful's 
11:00PM Jody Stapleton And The Generals @ Main Event 
11:15PM Harlequins @ The Drinkery

5:00PM You, You're Awesome @ Washington Park
7:00PM The Sundresses @ Grammer's 
8:15 PM Carole WalkerArnold's
8:15PM Culture Queer @ Cincinnati Club
8:30PM The Whorenettes @ Japp's Annex
8:30PM Ingrid Woode @ Blue Wisp
8:45PM For Algernon @ Contemporary Arts Center 
9:15PM Josh Eagle & The Harvest City @ Mr. Pitiful's 
9:15PM The Crick Gypsies @ Arnold's 
9:30PM Us, Today @ Blue Wisp
10:00PM Mad Anthony @ Main Event 
10:00PM Automagik @ Below Zero Lounge 
10:15PM Brian Olive @ Hanke Building
10:30PM The Tammy WhyNots @ Mr. Pitiful's 
10:30PM The Perfect Children @ Japp's Annex 
10:45PM Bad Veins @ Cincinnati Club 
11:00PM Eclipse Movement @ Blue Wisp
11:15PM Black Owls @ Main Event
11:15PM The Killtones @ The Drinkery
11:30PM The Kickaways @ Below Zero Lounge 

7:00PM The Guitars @ Grammer's 
8:00PM Ben Lapps @ Blue Wisp
8:00PM Hickory Robot @ The Emery Theatre 
8:00PM The Grey Academy @ Main Event 
8:00PM The Stories @ Mr. Pitiful's 
8:15PM Justin WW @ Contemporary Arts Center
8:30PM The Dukes Are Dead @ The Drinkery
9:00 PM Magnolia Mountain @ The Emery Theatre 
9:00PM Riley @ Main Event 
10:00PM Dr Bombay & The Atomic Bachelor Pad @ Main Event 
10:00PM The Ready Stance @ Below Zero Lounge 
10:15PM The Seedy Seeds @ Hanke Building 
10:30PM The Cincy Brass @ Mr. Pitiful's
11:15PM Mack West @ Arnold's
11:15PM Skeleton Hands @ Main Event



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