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The Stories

Once upon a time there was a girl who loved to sing. She spent her days writing songs and her nights performing them. Along the way she met a man, and they began to make music together. Lavish praise was heaped upon them by their fair town. It was said her voice was one of the best one could hope to hear, near or far. Her lyrics were called sharp, her melodies fantastic, her charm abundant. They played and played, they won awards, they were on top of the world.

Soon they married and began living happily ever after... they had a son. The girl tried to write, but all she could find inside herself were songs for her baby. So she wrote them, and sang them, but felt something was missing. A black cloud of sadness hovered over her, even as she loved life as much as anyone ever could. Something was missing. Finally one day, years later, she wrote ten songs in one day. She cried and cried as the inspiration poured out of her and everything came rushing back in a blur. And that was the day that The Stories were born.

The Stories are Whitney and Mark Szabo, Bjorn Knudsen, and Brian McKinney. The four have decades of stage and songwriting experience between them. Individually, they've been nominated for and won multiple Cincinnati Entertainment Awards, opened for Travis Meeks, Queensrhyche, Ted Nugent, and more, and worked with local luminaries such as Freekbass and Bootsy Collins. Whitney has been called "one of the biggest, best voices that you'll hear almost anywhere", and hailed as "clever and inherently musical". They are currently writing, releasing new music, and playing shows.

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