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Riley is a four piece band based in Dayton, Ohio. The project was started in early February of 2012 by Eric Bluebaum, Joey Kirby, Colin Pauley, and Chris Warman.  

Our upcoming EP is entitled Cat Of Nine Tails: Part One, the EP will be the first of three parts that tell a nonlinear narrative. Cat Of Nine Tails tells the story of a fictional character named Jonah as he faces the trials and tribulations of life, from early childhood until his death. 

Our artistic goal as a band can be best described as similar to what the character Mick Kelly, from the novel “The Heart Is A Lonely Hunter” by Carson McCullers, feels when talking about her “inner room”. Mick loves music, so much so, that in the novel she will sit outside people’s houses just to catch a few minutes of classical music on the radio. She plans on creating a violin from scratch with the materials she has gathered in her small town. Mick compartmentalizes her thoughts, the violin is kept in her “inner room” that only she and one other person have access to, almost everything else is kept in her “outer room”. 

Over the course of the novel Mick eventually lost her ability to access her “inner room” and it devastates her spirit. The reason we make music in the first place is to access our own “inner rooms”. We also make music to allow other people in. If we were to stop making music we might lose our “inner rooms”, or equally as troublesome, we might be unable to share them with other people. In a society with troubles that seem to stem from a lack of empathy and understanding, we don't want to contribute to the problem.

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