New Sincerity Works are Big on Melody and Honesty

New Sincerity Works is a band that features friends that have known each other for decades: Bob Nyswonger (The Bears, Adrian Belew), Roger Klug (Roger Klug Power Trio), Tom White (God Holy), Greg Tudor (Cari Clara), and Mike Tittel (Scott Miller’s The Loud Family and Roger Klug Power Trio). This Friday, you can catch New Sincerity Works at The Woodward Theater with Pike 27 and The Ready Stance for FREE! 

We sat down with the band prior to Friday to get to know New Sincerity Works!

Give us some background on New Sincerity Works…
I’ve been a drummer all my life. Played locally, toured, owned a studio in the 90’s. All that stuff. In 2014 I wrote and recorded a record on my own. I decided to build a band to play those songs because my sister thought they were good. And she's a harsh critic.  

I wanted to sing and play guitar so I asked some friends to join me. The band is Greg Tudor, Tom White and local legends Roger Klug and Bob Nyswonger. It is a low pressure gig which makes it really fun, slightly off the cuff and exciting.

The idea behind the songs was simply create some rock tunes that were high on melody and honesty. The name suggests a movement of art, film or music that is contrary to current trends. So for me it was symbolic of going from music as complex and ambiguous and maybe non-emotional, to something simple, from the heart and understandable.

About 6 months after 44 I wrote the new record which is Nowadays and the third record will be recorded in March 2016.

Tell us about your writing process… 
The writing process is me and an acoustic guitar, wandering around the house and shouting out words. I keep it pretty simple and usually don’t spend much time laboring over the details. I tend to put limits on things. It allows me to get ‘er done. 

I rough the songs in at Fruit Hill which is my studio. I then bring the band in and we work quickly often doing one or two takes. As much as admire a band like Phoenix for spending three years on a record I can't ever imagine doing that. It sounds like a prison sentence.

What can one expect at a live New Sincerity Works show?
Expectations can get us into trouble! So let it go! But I will say that the band has been friends for decades. And we’ve been playing our instruments even longer. So you’ll see a great rock band rocking out. CityBeat said we are, “poised for the Cincinnati Rock Pantheon.” And since I get to play with these guys I’d have to agree. 

What is next for New Sincerity Works?
Next? Well in theory we should be promoting Nowadays but the new album is ready sooner than planned so I’m itching to get that recorded. We are on a roll!  

We play The Woodward with Pike 27 and The Ready Stance February 26th 8:30 sharp!