Frontier Folk Nebraska With Friends Josh Eagle & The Ready Stance

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In a perfect world, every major holiday would start with a little bit of Rock ‘n Roll, preferably in a darkened room with friends and family gathered round, listening to the band on stage playing through a set of old favorites and new classics. On Friday, December 19th, at Northside Tavern, the fine gentlemen of Cincinnati’s own Frontier Folk Nebraska will take the stage with locals and friends Josh Eagle and The Harvest City and The Ready Stance for a night of celebratory songs, both merry and bright, and a little dark and brooding. Just like most family holidays, I’d wager…

Coming off of a series of shows centered around the release of their new LP, Frontier F**k Nebraska - one of our favorite albums this year, by the way, local or otherwise - the band will bring with them 20 limited edition CD-r’s, featuring hand crafted sleeves courtesy of vocalist and songwriter Michael Hensley. Each CD will feature a collection of 5 tracks of original holiday music meant to celebrate and ruminate on the American Christmas and New Year’s season.

Comprised of tracks spanning the last 3 years - including a new, unreleased track titled “Forgotten By Angels,” as well as tracks released as limited edition 45’s and as a part of a series of covers for friend Rich Shivener of Sweet and the Sweet Sweets, this holiday EP encapsulates everything that makes Frontier Folk Nebraska the brash town criers they’ve become. Tinged in a Americana, soaked in the love they share for classic Rock ‘n Roll, but never stuck in the past, they’re a band that is continually moving forward, even as they take every chance they can to work in callbacks to the Rock pioneers of decades past.

If you’re looking for a way to start these next two weeks of holidays, you’ll be hard pressed to find a more appropriately Cincinnatian way to kick things off. I’m sure Frontier Folk Nebraska and friends would wholeheartedly agree.



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