Bunbury Preview: New Vega

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New Vega are busy bees this summer! Set to not only release the newest album, Exit Ocean, but also playing Bunbury Music Festival and constant touring. Alex Rundle, Chance Campbell, Adam Sabin, and Zach Sabin all come from a diverse musical background encompassing jazz, rock, folk, pop and classical music. Together they all bring to the table, “…a band that one simply just does not get sick of listening to” (ourvinyl.com).  Not to mention they are all pretty easy on the ole’ eyes.

I tracked down New Vega before their busy summer and sat down with Adam for a chat about Cincinnati and living the dream.


CincyMusic.com: How did you get involved in the Cincinnati Music Scene?
Adam Sabin: A little over ten years ago my band interviewed on an awesome little radio station called WAIF. There I met the radio personality of Venomous Valdez. She and I quickly became friends. I roadied for July for Kings on a few of their tours, Venomous was also on the road with them helping out, and I made friends with Joe Hedges and photographer/videographer/tech wizard Eric Stewart. Those friendships lasted years. I lived in Dayton Ohio for most of that time but two years ago I decided to make the move to Cincinnati for two reasons. The first was to be with my fiancé who lived down here. The second was because of MPMF. I really loved Dayton as my home and the music scene there, but there was so much excitement in Cincinnati that I had to put myself right in the middle of it. So in the summer of 2011 I moved into a house in Pendleton just near OTR and dug myself into the trenches. I attended shows and made friends and asked questions until it lead me to MOTR Pub. There I met Dan McCabe and hounded him for a sound engineering position until he said yes. From there I have been able to run sound for some of Cincinnati's finest as well as some of the best upcoming bands, making friends and really connecting myself to the Cincinnati music scene.

CM: Do you have a day job or is music your full time gig? 
AS: I am lucky because music is my full time gig. However I have to wear many hats to make that possible. We are on the road a lot so having flexible work helps. Besides making and playing music I run sound at MOTR Pub and I do studio work. Both of those help pay the bills when being a musician can't. I also have an incredible fiancé that is very supportive. 

CM: What's your favorite venue to play? To go see a show?
AS: We really had a lot of fun last year playing Fountain Square for a 4 EG event. We recently had a great show upstairs at the new Southgate House Revival. MOTR Pub books some really incredible shows. Even if I have no idea who the band is they tend to knock my socks off! Mainstay Rock Bar is always very supportive! We opened up for Our Lady Peace at Bogart’s. It was exciting to see how much that place has cleaned up and that they are really supportive of local music! I am really excited for the Woodward to open up. I've done a few walk throughs there and I think people will be really blown away by how beautiful it is. There really are a lot of amazing venues in Cincinnati!

CM: If you could work with any artist, who would that be and why? Local artist?
AS: We had Joe Hedges help fill the producer role on our upcoming album Exit Ocean. I've worked with him a handful of times over the years and I know that he has had a lot of experience working with big producers. We really wanted to have someone in that role as an outside listener that could help us highlight what worked, and redevelop what wasn't working. It is always really hard being inside of the music and trying to make a change. You grow attachments to certain parts and can't step outside to hear if it is working or not. I highly recommend working with someone in that role. We had a great time with Joe. We also got closer to working with one of the greatest of all time. Our record was mastered at Gateway Mastering, the home of Bob Ludwig. His protégé Adam Ayan mastered it. Together they have worked on probably 90% of the best records ever made! It was an honor to have our music run the same reels as our idols! 

CM: What's the one thing an out of towner should do, or place they should go, when they visit Cincinnati?
AS: Working sound for touring bands I am always trying to lead them to my favorite hot spots. For late night after show grub: The Anchor in Covington. For holy crap last night was epic but what happened I need a miracle hangover cure breakfast: Tucker's on Vine. For daytime hangs before load in: Washington Park, Sawyer Point, Findlay Market, Reds Game. For after show epicness: Horseshoe Casino or a bonfire at my house. This can work for show goers as well.

CM: What's been your biggest moment so far? The time when you felt like this is why I do this?
AS: The big shows always give me the chills. My brother plays drums in the band so I remember the first time we played Bogart’s I looked over at him and was so happy to be on a big stage together. I knew it wouldn't be our last. Getting on stage at Bunbury will be another huge highlight for us. 

CM: What advice do you have for a new artist just starting out?
AS: Do it because you love it, and be relentless. The people that make it to the top are the people that never give up.


Catch New Vega at Bunbury Music Festival on Saturday July 13th at 2p on the Amphitheater Stage!




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