Battle for Bunbury winners, Green Light Morning!

The story of Green Light Morning started back when Aaron Bright (keyboards/backing vox) and Aaron Patrick (lead vox/guitar) met touring in previous bands The Big Creak and Oval Opus respectfully. They met when both bands had a song placed in the same Universal movie called Winter Break

( starring Milo Ventimiglia, Eddie Kaye Thomas and Justin Urich. This led to their bands trading shows across the Midwest and up and down the east coast. This has offered Green Light Morning a quick uptake in initial fans despite the bands infancy. 

After years of touring with their previous bands, their lives and families brought them to Cincinnati, Ohio. They started reflecting back on the road, touring, their fans and lives while collaborating as songwriters. After spending a year writing songs in their studio and playing open mics, they felt a genuine connection and decided it was time to take a few of their songs and release them to the world.

Make sure NOT to miss Green Light Morning at Bunbury Music Festival!

What can we expect at a Green Light Morning show?
You will have a great time and walk away thinking “wow, I’m so glad I saw that set, I think I’m going to buy their record on my smart phone right now for $3.96. (Itunes… What a deal!)

A Green Light Morning show will take you on a journey with HIGH ENERGY, Great songs and GREAT HARMONIES.

We love to write about Universal thoughts on life, love and loss. Even if it’s your first time seeing and hearing us; we would guess that you will find yourself singing along with our songs.

We hope your also find yourself thinking about the people you love, having faith in the road you’re on and that you have to tell a friend you saw this new band! We want to be your favorite new band and we are going to try to earn that prestigious title.

As you won the Bunbury contest, you for sure have some hard care fans. Here is your chance to give your thank you shout outs!
This band was born out of our discussions of how much we missed the road and our fans from previous projects. (Oval Opus,  The Big Creak and Ten Foot Big) While we are thrilled we are gaining new fans with this project; it is a unique experience to start playing music because the people who supported your life and work for so long are asking you to go back out and do it again.

For all those who voted: We Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for sharing our music and telling us you want to hear more and more! We are truly honored for all your hard work and belief in what we do!

What is your favorite thing about being a musician in Cincinnati?
This town is full of legendary musicians from all sort of genre’s: Walk the Moon, Ass Pony’s, Hi-Tek, Big Joe Duskin, The Casino’s, Afghan Wigs, Carl Edmondson and the Driving Winds, 98 degree’s, Peter Frampton, The Isley Brothers, Over the Rhine, Blessed Union of Souls, Foxy Shazam and other local upcomers such as Decker, Seabird, Wussy, The Tillers, Kelly Thomas, Ben Lapps, and Mia Carruthers. The list could keep going but what I like the most is that there are incredible players and song writers all over the city and any given night you want to hear great music, you just have to venture out with a friend or two and support the local scene… Go support the local music scene in Cincinnati...It's rich with talent!

What is next for Green Light Morning? Show dates? Album?
We are getting ready to shoot two music videos this summer for a song called “see the light” and another one called “Home” to support the release of our EP “Find my way Home”.

All Show dates are available at but we are playing a show August 23rd @ Fountain Square @ 8 PM. See you soon!

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Green Light Morning
Bunbury Music Festival
Sunday July 14th
Amphitheater Stage



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