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Natalya Daoud

I'm born and raised in Cincinnati. WHO DEY! I have always been a music fanatic since I could talk. I have a Bachelor of Arts degree in journalism and started a music blog while in college. I go to concerts for fun, not just to work (went to 23 in one summer).

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Perfume Genius Drops IMMEDIATELY Remixes

Michael Alden Hadreas, or better known as his stage name, Perfume Genius, released a remix of his fifth studio album Friday, February 19th.

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The Katawicks Release New EP

An Americana duo, The Katawicks from Springfield, Ohio, will be releasing a new EP Friday after winning Dayton's Battle of the Bands in February!

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Review: Ronin Halloway - EXCALIBUR I & II

Ronin Halloway expresses a swirl of two personalities on his first double album while drawing influences from metal and U.K. Grime.

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Songs to Put You in a Good Mood

Staying indoors during the COVID-19 pandemic can impact our mental health, and according to professors at the Berkley College of Music, music can have a positive impact on our lives. Here is a list of songs that will put anyone in a happy mood.

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The Katawicks at Urban Artifact

An indie-soul duo from Springfield will be illustrating their blissful instrumentals and sultry-like vocals at Urban Artifact on Friday.

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Review: Bunbury Music Festival

The 8th annual Bunbury Music Festival was one of the best ones yet. Great music, vendors, experience, and weather! Check out our review of some of the bands from the weekend. Cheers to Bunbury 2019. Cheers to many more to come. 

One Man Continues to Help Raise Money and Awareness for Cancer Research through a Night of Music

Musicians all around the region are coming together to perform for a cause near and dear to one local man’s heart. Adam Forsthoefel, lead singer of the band The Grove, helped create a benefit concert four years ago, Rock n’ Revival for a Cure, to raise money and awareness for a type of cancer his father died from.

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Review: The Struts

The packed crowd ranged from children to adults.  As soon as a The Struts walked on stage, their high energy intensified the crowd 10 notches. They seem to gain more energy and fans each time they tour.

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Review: One Day Steady

“Wild” was a word that was repeatedly used and demonstrated on Friday night during local band, One Day Steady’s, final performance at the newly renovated Top Cats. 

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One Day Steady Say Goodbye at Top Cats

A local band that has been making music for the past 10 years, will calling it quits after their final show on September 28th at Top Cats.

Cool Life Release First Single Featuring Eric Nally

Cool Life is breaking the internet today with their debut single, “Waves” featuring Eric Nally. 

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Review: Bunbury Music Festival, Sunday June 3rd, 2018

That's a wrap! Our final review for Bunbury Music Festival 2018.