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Brave the Sea Release Lady Death

A Newark, Ohio-based Celtic rock band continues to showcase their growth since forming in 2015, with their third full-length album set to release today!

Brave the Sea vocalist Vito Gambill says the album Lady Death builds on the band's signature Celtic sounds while showcasing Bayou Southern and metal elements they have developed during the pandemic.

"We kind of ran with the whole like Medusa Lady Death theme, and then instead of going Greek, which I don't know what that would sound like, we went with, like, Bayou Southern stuff, and that's how a couple of these came out to be," Gambill said.

Gambill says recording the album was a step out of the band's comfort zone.

"So it was super different. It was super weird being in the studio and just being like, why does it sound like Metallica? Like we're not a Metallica band. It was challenging, but it was fun. It's cool to see, and hopefully, it's well received that we can dip our toes in other pools of water."

Their latest single, "Frozen Shore," is heavily influenced by System of a Down, Gambill said.

Track list:

  1. On My Way
  2. Lady Death
  3. Not the End
  4. Back Luck
  5. Going Down
  6. Where I Belong
  7. Day I Die
  8. Frozen Shore
  9. Medusa
  10. Judgement Day
  11. Unnamed Grave

The band released their first album, A Pirate's Life, in 2017 and a follow-up album in 2019 with The Kraken, highlighting their Celtic roots.

They also have an EP The Murders Three, released in 2020.

Brave the Sea will showcase their tunes on the road this spring and summer with shows in Cleveland, Columbus, and the United Kingdom.