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Review: One Day Steady

“Wild” was a word that was repeatedly used and demonstrated on Friday night during local band, One Day Steady’s, final performance at the newly renovated Top Cats. 

Everything from bassist, Garrett Zimmerman’s, twists and turns to lead singer, Ryan Peters,’ high vocal screams entertained the crowd and left them wanting more. 

The band played two one-hour sets, with Sundae Drives playing in between. Other bands that played were, Here Come Here, The Almost Heroes, and See You in the Funnies

Throughout both of the one-hour sets, the band played several of songs such as “Shoot & Run,” “Bar Fight,” a cover of Hanson’s famous 90s hit, “MMMBop,” and many more. One Day Steady did not disappoint while playing to the packed house at the Cincinnati music staple. 

The mixed-aged crowd infiltrated the room as soon as the band started playing. Family, friends, and other fans demonstrated their support by clapping and singing along to many, if not all, of their songs in the musically thrilling yet crowded and energized atmosphere. 

One Day Steady originally started in 2008 with lead singer Ryan Peters and guitarist Tucker Stremming. For the past ten years, the band has gone through several of changes. Some members, Garrett Skirvin and Tyler Snipes left to pursue other endeavors. After they left, Zimmerman and drummer, Murray Stall, hopped onboard. 

The band rocked out harder than they ever have, especially during the second set with songs like “Off Course,” “Turn Out the Lights,” and the fan favorite, “Shoot & Run.” 

It was not until toward the end of their second set that Peters and the rest of the band thanked everyone that supported them throughout the years, including their ex-girlfriends. They then jammed out to their song, “Off Course.” 

It was not until after their last song, “Shoot & Run,” when the crowd started to shout, “One More Song!” Therefore, One Day Steady ended their night with a three-song encore and still left the crowd wanting more.

Although no one shed a tear throughout their entire wild performance, the band did hug and say their goodbyes to their fans for last time as One Day Steady. 

Set List

First Set

  1. Slurred
  2. Dave’s Song
  3. Some Disease
  4. Drifting Away
  5. They Drove Through
  6. Farris Wheel
  7. Deadbeat
  8. Rear View
  9. In the Moment 

Second Set

  1. Stand Next to Your Ghost
  2. Unhinged
  3. Break Down
  4. Turn Out the Lights
  5. Left Me Alone
  6. Empty
  7. Transcension
  8. Off Course
  9. Shoot & Run


  1. Break Break
  2. Bar Fight
  3. No Shame