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One Day Steady Say Goodbye at Top Cats

A local b and that has been making music for the past 10 years, will calling it quits after their final show on Sept. 28.  

One Day Steady will be performing for the first time at the newly renovated Cincinnati music staple, Top Cats. Top Cats, which reopened in late August, had held concerts from the 1970s to 2007. 

“It's I mean, a little weird to do a final show in a place that just opened again, but it’s got so much history and short vine has come a long way in the past few years,” says newer drummer Murray Stall. 

One Day Steady currently consist of two original members- Ryan Peters on rhythm guitar/lead vocals and Tucker Stremming on lead guitar. It was not until 2011 that they added Garret Zimmerman on bass and in 2016 added Murray Stall on drums. Previous members include Garrett Skirvin on drums and Tyler Snipes on bass. Both of them left to pursue other opportunities. 

The band, who will be parting ways to pursue other endeavors, officially announced their decision on their Facebook page in late August.  

“I love Cincinnati for what it is, but I feel like for me to really address what I want to do out of music, like I need to be doing something else,” says lead singer Ryan Peters.

Even though the band want to explore other opportunities, the members are a lot closer now than ever before. 

“We're pretty lucky honestly, like I don't know many bands that get along as well as we do,” says Peters. “I mean obviously we have our hurdles, but I mean we get along really well. We're going to miss that.”

Murray, who has only been with the band for a year and a half, quickly adapted to the rest of the band. 

“For the past six months we've kind of discovered this side of us that is a little bit wilder vibe and stuff,” says Stall. “There’s a comfort with the music and playing with each other and allows you to perform a little bit more.” 

To celebrate their 10-year run, the band will be playing their entire catalog of songs including never before released material.  

“I know as of recent years, we've just been playing our more recent stuff, but we're planning on playing like stuff off of our first album and like things like that,” says Peters. 

One Day Steady are not the only band on the roster. Members of the band picked out the other musicians to join them during the show. They include Sundae Drives, who will be playing in between sets, HereComeHere, The Almost Heroes, and See You in the Funnies.

The band is expecting the venue to fill up and fans can expect an eccentric show to remember. 

“I know that everyone in our group is going to let loose because I mean it's out last hurrah, we might as well go out in a flame,” says Peters.

Tickets are $5 and can be bought online or at the venue