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The Katawicks Release New EP

An Americana duo, The Katawicks from Springfield, Ohio, will be releasing a new EP Friday after winning Dayton's Battle of the Bands in February!

The Katawicks got to record in Dayton with producer and engineer, Patrick Himes, at Reel Love Studios Together, Allison Justice and Matt Mattburn worked on their first EP In The Pocket with Himes. The EP consists of, "Out on the Water," "Don't Ask Me Why," and "Sunday Morning."

The simplicity of the musical arrangement in each song and Justice's raspy, yet angelic vocals gives it a nostalgic summer-like feel. "Out on the Water" is the first track on the EP. The sound of the saxophone, ukulele, and guiro add a touch of Latin flavor to this Americana song, perfect for dancing the night away. "Don't Ask Why" is an acoustic track where Justice and Matt Washburn paint a vivid picture of being torn between moving on to another chapter in life or staying still.

Throughout most of the choruses, Justice sings, "I'll stay just for you, just for you," but then changes the final stanza of the final chorus to "Yeah, I'll go just for you, just for you." The relatable lyrics and the soft instrumentals are perfectly arranged for the audience to focus on the song's meaning. It sets the tone for the next track, "Sunday Morning."

"Sunday Morning" is an acoustic track that starts slow, but then builds up as Justice starts to sing about her frustration of finding that special someone. She sings, "My baby's gone, and I'm feeling blue/ I can't find my angels because I'm looking for you/ That bottle's empty, I didn't use my head/ misery and memory are laying in my bed." Justice's wide vocal range is evident as she belts her frustration through the majority of the track. This, along with Washburn's soft guitar sound, blends beautifully in this deep and emotional track. It is how the track concludes that makes it worth listening all the way through giving it a narrative structure. Toward the end of the track, the music then starts decrescendo as Justice sings, " Oh my baby's gone, and I'm feeling blue/ I can't find my angels because I'm looking for you." It is a perfectly constructed way of ending the EP, leaving the audience wanting more.

“We felt so at home recording in Dayton with Patrick Himes at Reel Love Studios,” said The Katawicks in said the band in a Facebook post. “The Dayton music scene is like a giant family, and we are so proud of the musicianship that took place on these songs! Super excited to share these with you guys.”

Fans will be able to see them perform at the EP release party at the Yellow Cab Tavern Friday. The show starts at 8 p.m. with a $7 cover charge starting at 7 p.m. Their friend and musician, Kyleen Downes, will be the opening act.


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