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The Katawicks at Urban Artifact

An indie-soul duo from Springfield will be illustrating their blissful instrumentals and sultry-like vocals at Urban Artifact on Friday. The Katawicks, a band name taken from a mutual friend’s last name, consists of Allison Justice on lead vocals and Matt Washburn on guitar and vocals. The two grew up together and they have always had a passion for music. 

“I loved listening to music and banging on things pretending like I was playing the drums,” said Washburn. Washburn played piano for two years and then switched to guitar when he was young. Justice grew up singing in church. “Music has just always been in my life. It feeds me when nothing else will,” said Justice.

It was not until Justice graduated high school and Washburn graduated college that they moved to Nashville and formed The Katawicks. They spent their first year performing in writers-rounds, a type of performance where songwriters illustrate their music in a circle or in a line up on stage. Despite having to take a break in 2012, the band reformed in 2018 and have released three songs. 

The sincerity and soulful tone in Justice’s vocals come through in “Don’t’ Leave Me High,” “It’s Funny You Know,” and “Sink Away.” The band plans on releasing another single “Love in Your Soul” later this year and two EPs in 2020. 

“We don’t write songs just to catch on. What we write is just what comes out of us and we don’t typically tweak it to fit in, it’s just us and that’s the soul, “said Washburn. “The indie sound just comes natural to us.”

They are influenced by Tom Petty, Led Zeppelin, Anderson Paak, The Allman Brothers, Neil Young, and Pink Floyd. “The list goes on and on, I love older music, when it truly took something special within you to make that sound,” said Justice. 

The Katawicks have a couple of dates in the books and will be making their way to Urban Artifact on Friday!

“We hope all fans can come dance and enjoy themselves at our shows, said Washburn. “We want our music and shows to make people feel good.”


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