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Wonky Tonk

Wonky Tonk embarked on her musical journey in 2008 following her departure from high school into the collegiate world of mind expansion and broken hearts. Her "quirky naive sense of folk" quickly garnered regional attention. She played the Midpoint Music Festival, was nominated for the Cincinnati Music Awards and shared the stage with classy folk acts like Langhorne Slim and Guy Clark. She is sometimes accompanied by Royal Holland (Koala Fires), Margaret Darling (Seedy Seeds) and Matt Retheford (Koala Fires) for an evening of elegant sound stumbling.

Then the Buffalo, Denmark, Montana and real life happened. Wonky Tonk now is revving her songwriting engines following her 6 years in the making, debut full length "Stuff We Leave Behind," and is standing tall in blue cowgirl boots ready to again woo the world- and this time no time, space or thing called love can stop her.

In the time between then and now Wonky Tonk has sung hooks with Yonas, started a hip hop group called Business and Pleazure, and pumped up the bass with Royal Holland, Billy Wallace and The Stick Figures (Cincinnati's finest). She has toured Europe with Danish superstar Solveig Sandnes, played along side Tune-Yards at her debut and played honky tonk dives from Miami to Brooklyn, Santa Monica to Billings, Montana.

In short, "Pay attention to Wonk. Not just because she is talented and beautiful. Pay attention because she has an important purpose. To help you remember. To help you forget. Or to help you remember why you chose to forget."

Here's to letting go and beginning again.

...Now wonk it out.

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