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Wonky Tonk Releases Video for Four Letter Word

Wonky Tonk will be releasing a new 7 inch entitled Love Detox and last week premiered a new video for single "Four Letter Word." The honesty in this song will take your breath away. “Love, hate, lost, left, hate, hope, scam, shit, fuck, damn…With you there were two and now there’s just me.”   

Wonky Tonk is a treasure in the Cincinnati Music Scene. Raw, honest, hard-working, and just pure talent. Consistently on the road, if you can catch Wonky Tonk here in town, you had better jump on it. Check out her tour dates HERE

“With lyrics so painfully genuine and her bare soul laid out before the world, Poole paints the most epic fucking picture… “Four Letter Word” is brilliant. No bullshit, no tricks or games. Just Poole and her artistry… brave, authentic, and absolutely striking. All these emotions and situations play in our lives but ultimately we all have an underlying bare connection that makes us human. Poole gets me in touch with that, the simplicity and rawness of life.”
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