Urban Artifact to Host First Annual BEWILDERFEST

Urban Artifact, one of Cincinnati's most highly touted and up and coming breweries is hosting the first annual BEWILDERFEST (August 26-28, 2016) to celebrate Cincinnati's rising beer and music scene. 

The festival's purpose is to inspire the community to adventure outside of their comfort zone and experience wild culture.

The key concept of the festival is to twist the usual, bend the standards, and jump to new conclusions. Urban Artifact is known for their eclectic beers and music performance calendar, and they will be expanding everything for this festival.

The 30+ roster of bands are all encouraged and expected to be performing a set or a song outside of their normal repertoire - unusual covers, new genres, and the generally unexpected will be rocking from many of your favorite local and regional musicians.

Think about going to a Metallica concert only to hear them cover a Randy Newman song while wearing dresses - or hearing Sublime do one of your favorite upbeat Beatles numbers acoustically.

In addition to the music, Urban Artifact is inviting a dozen breweries to join the party and craft something truly unique and unusual for the festival.

Plan to taste lots of barrel aged goodness, plenty of unique fruit and vegetable additions, and creative uses of colors and flavors all fermented into delicious brews.

Established regional acts such as WAX FANG and ANWAR SADAT will be playing along side some of the best local talent Cincy has to offer, such as Mad Anthony, Leggy, Lung, Injecting Strangers, Go Go Buffalo, Honeyspiders, Wonky Tonk, The Whiskey Shambles, mr.phylzzz, Vampire Weekend at Bernie's and many more!