Reality Check with KT: Meet Lonesome Jared

Meet Lonesome Jared; Old Country with a Modern Appeal

Some years back, 5 maybe, there wasn’t all that much country music happening here in town.  We’re always heavy with Indy, Rock and Americana music, but other than Dallas Moore, Straw Boss and a few others, not too many bands were identifying themselves as “Country”.   This has changed dramatically in the past few years with great acts such as Jeremy Pinnell and The 55's and Bulletville, just to name a few, emerging on the scene.  But, this isn’t your mainstream type of Country, make no mistake.  These bands have an affinity for “Classic Country”.  What the heck does that even mean, you ask?  I think I’d sum it up as any country music that doesn’t sound like it’s been dunked into pop trappings.  The “Country” played on mainstream radio is really “Pop-Country”.  That’s cool if that’s your thing, but there’s a growing number of music fans (many musicians in their ranks), that are longing for the pure country sound that has been lost in commercial radio.  Artists like Hank Williams, Waylon Jennings, Buck Owens, Loretta Lynn and the like.  Straight talkers, who are relatable and relatively simple in their songwriting. .  If you think about how complicated life has become with the growth of technology (main stream music, included) I don’t think it’s all that surprising that simple, truthful music is what we seem to be longing for now. 

I had the pleasure to sit down with one of Cincinnati’s newest Country singers, Jared Schaedle, of Lonesome Jared and The Heart Attacks.  This is a young man, 26 to be exact; whose music sounds like it could be out of the 40s.  That is until you really listen to some of the ways in which his lyrics, very honestly, reflect modern times.  Jared lives on the West Side of town.  He comes from a family that music is a part of the day to day.  His father was the church organist, and in several rock bands.  Both of his brothers are musical and his family’s business repairs pipe organs. (Matter of fact, they would repair the beautiful pipe organ at The Southgate House Revival when it was a church.)  He grew up around Bluegrass and Folk music and as a teen was influenced by the music his brother’s loved and was in a Punk/Metal Band.

He found himself as a teen heading down a path to trouble.  He started drinking at a very young age, “not partying drinking, but drinking, drinking”.   We all know where this story goes.  Its many people’s story and many a songwriter have written songs about this very journey.  We don’t need to hash it all out, but just to bring us up to present date; Jared has gotten a handle on what is important to him and as his song says “I don’t go to jail anymore”.  He doesn’t drink, but does find himself in bars because that’s where the music is.  I asked him if that can be hard and he shrugged and said, “yeah, especially in the summer” (as we’re sitting out back at The Crow’s Nest enjoying the nice weather.)  “But”, he continued, “I’m not here for that, I’m here to play music.” 

It was actually  going through some growing up and leaving behind his former life that lead him to his current project with band mates; David Rhodes Brown (Lap Steel) and Marc Hoffman (Doghouse Bass).  It was winter, 2 years ago and he found himself in the daily grind of working to make ends meet, he didn’t have a lot of friends (likely due to his new choices) and he was bored with too much time on his hands.   A good friend told him about Open Mic up at The Crow’s Nest, so he figured he’d check it out.  He met many local musicians there and then began going to as many open mics as possible.  His writing evolved to reflect the music that he most connects to; artists like Webb Pierce, Ernest Tubb, Faron Young, Lefty Frizzle and Hank Williams.  I purposely mention Hank Williams last because it’s honestly pretty hard not to compare the music of Hank Williams to Jared’s tunes and sound.  Matter of fact, Jared even favors Hank quite a bit, he’s tall and lean, like Hank and although not a spitting image, even his face has a similarity.  But, I got the impression that Jared doesn’t want folks to immediately go there.  He really wants to honor the music that influences him and while Hank is certainly in that number, he quickly listed Western Swing, Rockabilly and “The Golden Era of Country” to be his biggest influences.

He and the band are working on getting an album out in the coming year.  Most of Jared’s tunes are auto-biographical, but not so personal that they’re un-relatable.  They have immediate appeal and you can definitely see yourself in some of the scenarios.  His music may sound like it could be out of the 40s but he’s using modern language to be certain.  We talked about how the old country had tons of innuendo, but it was a more formal time and you would never directly say things, like we do now.  Jared is straight out in his lyrics, not mincing any words.  It’s an honesty that brings the words and the music together and draws you in.  “Broken Hearts and Dirty Dishes” is a tune set to a Texas shuffle.  In all of Jared’s tunes there’s lap steel and upright bass giving the old timey backdrop, Jared’s voice is distinctly old country but the current themes give it an updated sound and is extremely accessible to us modern folk.

Definitely make a point to check out Lonesome Jared and The Heart Attacks.  You’ll be hearing more and more about them in coming months to be sure!

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Lonesome Jared and The Heart Attacks
June 8 at The Blue Note Yacht Club with Wonky Tonk and Dead Man String Band
June 18th at The Southgate House Revival with The Part-time Gentlemen

Buckle Up Music Festival
Friday July 18th
Lawn Stage
2:45 – 3:30


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