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The Warsaw Falcons formed in 1982, playing rockabilly and alt country. This band spanned over 20 years both locally and regionally, utilizing over 40 of the area’s finest musicians, playing with Bo Diddly, The Drifters, Big Joe Duskin and Bobby Keys and opening for acts such as Joan Jet and Marshall Crenshaw. Many fans will remember the “Big Bill Pickle” incarnation of the band, which was formed to play jump blues rock and swing and won the 2000 Cincinnati Cammy Award in that

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Top Ten Americana Bands on CincyMusic Today 

Today we celebrate Americana music. On any given day you can check out the top bands on CincyMusic. These are based on how often those bands are checked out on our site. Since we are celebrating all things America today, here are the top ten Americana bands!

Golden Anniversary and Roast for David Rhodes Brown 

If you have ever checked out local music in the Greater Cincinnati area, chances are you have been entertained and often mesmerized by David Rhodes Brown! We are throwing a big ole party and roast to celebrate this hero of the local music scene's 50th year playing music professionally! DRB has...

David Rhodes Brown marks his 50th year in music! (Part 1) 

Reality Check with KT: Stay Gold, DRB!  David Rhodes Brown marks his 50th year in music! (Part 1) I really try to listen to people when they talk.  Even in passing, I try to catch the little details of what my friends are saying, so when my band mate and dear friend, David Rhodes Brown,...

Reality Check with KT: Meet Lonesome Jared 

Meet Lonesome Jared; Old Country with a Modern Appeal Some years back, 5 maybe, there wasn’t all that much country music happening here in town.  We’re always heavy with Indy, Rock and Americana music, but other than Dallas Moore, Straw Boss and a few others, not too many bands were...

Reality Check with KT: Lydia Loveless Finds the Sweet Spot 

Last Tuesday, February 18th, “Somewhere Else”, the excellent second album by Lydia Loveless, was released on Bloodshot Records.  She will also be playing at Bunbury Music Festival in July. But, did you know that Lydia has strong ties to the Cincinnati music scene?  (Cue memory sequence...

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