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Kelly Thomas

Kelly Thomas has long been referred to as the first lady of Cincinnati country music, but don't tell her or there'll be no living with her. Thomas has been part of the local music community since 1998 with several bands, collaborations and projects. She is currently with Wilder and The Tammy WhyNots. Likes: big hair, wine, and kissing babies. Dislikes: small talk and snakes.

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Lilly Hiatt - Excited To Be Back On Tour

Lilly will be rockin’ her Rickenbacker 360, but trading off for an acoustic for a few tunes. She will be joined by bandmates; Luke Fedorko (drums), Robert Hudson (bass) and Josh Halper (guitar).

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Reality Check with kt: Lost and Found – An Interview with Lost Coast

Relationships are hard. Sometimes they don’t work even with great people in them giving their absolute best. Chemistry matters, timing matters, vision matters. It’s a damn wonder two humans ever get it right, even for a while.

Reality Check with KT: Steve Earle. So You Wanna Be an Outlaw

Steve Earle’s voice has stayed authentic and true to who he seems to be as a person. Fallible certainly, possibly brash or arrogant at times, but sweet and genuine and even spiritual in his best moments. Something even his harshest critics cannot deny.

Reality Check with KT: Jims and his Fellow Mandareenians

The genre of Jims' music is hard to nail down. Jims calls it space punk. It’s got elements of post punk, indie pop, world music and even hints of reggae and ska.

Ben Knight and The Welldiggers Take to the Highway

Reality Check with KT: Ben Knight and The Welldiggers Take to the Highway Ever since there have been highways, connecting the East Coast with the left coast; poets, artists and musicians have been in love with the back roads of America.  The stories; sometimes brutal, often desperate and...

Reality Check with KT: Daniel Van Vechten

I caught up with Daniel Van Vechten to talk about his debut album, under the moniker, Simply Dan String Band.  The new album is aptly titled, “First Take” and it’s a great collection of songs and performances by Dan with the support of some talented  local players.  It has a folk feel and...

Reality Check with KT: Molly Sullivan

I appreciate artists (and people) who have the ability to be transparent without being overly direct.  I like inferences and thought provoking lyrics, with music that causes your mind to dig a little deeper.  Such is the case with the music of singer-songwriter, Molly Sullivan. I sat down with...

Michael Moeller goes out on his own with new release!

Reality Check with KT: Michael Moeller goes out on his own with new release! In April I was invited to play a show with local, country boy, Noah Smith.  I really enjoyed the show and the energy of the crowd.  Michael Moeller (who also plays in Noah’s band) opened the night with a really great...

Get Submerged in Mad Anthony’s Sank For Days

Reality Check with KT: Get Submerged in Mad Anthony’s Sank For Days Local heroes, Mad Anthony, end one chapter and celebrate the beginning of another, this Friday, with the release of their new (brilliant) album, Sank For Days, at Southgate House Revival.  I had the good fortune to catch up...

The Perfect Children; This Time it’s Personal

Reality Check with KT: The Perfect Children; This Time it’s Personal I love interviewing other musicians for  I love talking with them about their songwriting, influences, how the heck they came up with their band name and listening to their music and trying to somehow create an...

Dead Man String Band; No Hype, Real Grit

Reality Check with KT: Dead Man String Band; No Hype, Real Grit I headed out to open mic at Wunderbar (Covington) last Sunday.  They have a great thing going on there, very supportive of local music.  I was going to meet up with Rob McAllister of Dead Man String Band, to hear his set and then do...

Red Cedars give a beautiful voice to the winter blues

Reality Check with KT: Red Cedars give a beautiful voice to the winter blues with their first release; Bottom Side of Blue. Red Cedars; Dinah Devoto and Patrick Kennedy have been making some beautiful noise in the Cincinnati Scene for about six years.  They recently, very quietly, released their...