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ALPENGLOW Cassette Release (Juan Cosby, Wonky Tonk, Farout)

Last January, singer-songwriter Wonky Tonk, rapper-singer Farout, and producer/multi-instrumentalist Juan Cosby released their winter depression album on “Blue Monday” entitled ALPENGLOW. One year later, the trio of artists celebrate the anniversary of their full-length by re-releasing the project in limited-edition cassette-form.

 The 10-song collector’s tape is available on Juan Cosby, Wonky Tonk, and Farout's Bandcamp page! Grab yours today! 

ALPENGLOW has previously been heralded as “some of the most enjoyably weird arrangements I’ve heard in quite some time” by Jared Bowers at CincyMusic.


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Album Review: Alpenglow (Juan Cosby, Wonky Tonk, Farout) 

Filtered through Cosby’s upbeat/offbeat/ aural lens, the album bounces around itself, vibes on vibes.