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ALBUM REVIEW: Breaking Patterns - Wonky Tonk & Juan Cosby

Wonky Tonk & Juan Cosby have teamed up again to present to the world a new full length album: Breaking Patterns! Over a decade ago Singer/Songstress Wonk & producer Juan (together Wonk Cosby), released SuperHolyFantastic & Hippie Dirt (Business and Pleazure). In honor of this new chapter, this magical duo have released a series of new music videos and an album, Breaking Patterns.

 Breaking Patterns has been 4 years in the making, and features Wonky Tonk’s High Life band, as well as members of the Juan Cosby Quartet.

 The production value put into this album is evident from start to finish. Breaking Patterns was engineered by Ben Cochran and produced, mixed, and mastered by Juan Cosby. It's obvious that care and love went into the production and mastering of each and every song.

 Breaking Patterns is an album of looking back, creating a sense of balance, finding your way, learning to love yourself, and so much more.

 "Dear Darryl" is the first track on the album. It's a dreamy way to look back on a mistake that you knew was going to happen from the beginning. Jeez - I mean we can all relate to this. Our gut kicks in way before our heart does, but rarely do any of us listen.

 "Box Of My Love" was the second single released from the album. The video premiered on November 11th! A song about letting go in order to love oneself. I feel like this should be an anthem for anyone on any type of self-discovery.

"Offline" is a song about - well, going offline. In my opinion, something we should all do periodically in order to be creative, kind, and create a sense of balance. This was the first single released via a music video with crowd sourced footage during the onset of the pandemic when Wonk was stuck in Ecuador.

"Unraveling" starts with a messy guitar riff, which I always love. It's the shortest song on the album, but also the most powerful in my opinion.

"Put Down The Donut" has a 90's feel. It's a gritty and sugary sweet way to relate to life and the media. "No amount of sugar...no amount of sprinkles...the chaos that is now."

"Go Lay Down" is another one of those songs with a serious guitar lick that I am always here for. While "Forget About It Baby" is a futuristic reminder to get your shit together! "Let Go" is the 'poppiest' song on the album and I can already see this on on the Top Ten Dance Lists.

"Four Letter Word" is (as always in my opinion) the break-out single. It's another version inspired by the original and informed by time. I believe we can all describe love as many different four letter words...

 "Coward" seems to embrace the way you feel about yourself to embody how you treat others. While "Self-Brainstorm" is a realization that your soulmate may not be what you think they are as you are not giving yourself enough credit, "Time to look at myself...not going to get the love anywhere else..."

 "Mind Your Own Damn Business" is a great ending to a breathtaking album. Seriously. Each song stands alone, but I highly advise listening to the album from start to finish for the immersive experience.

 Get ready to get Wonked in a brand new way and you are going to love every second of it. Grab Breaking Patterns NOW!