Bunbury Music Festival 2014 This Weekend

Photo courtesy of KP Photography

This Friday-Saturday-Sunday, Bunbury Music Festival takes over downtown for the third year in a row. With headliners Empire Of The Sun, Fall Out Boy, Paramore, and Flaming Lips, and tons of noteworthy undercards, everyone is sure to find something they like.

The festival takes place at the scenic Cincinnati parks of Sawyer Point & Yeatman’s cove, and is regarded as one of the best festival experiences due to its great location and friendly atmosphere. The lineup is dotted with national rockstars and local favorites.

We’ve been interviewing and previewing Bunbury artists since the lineup was announced, but the best advice we can give you is to explore the entire lineup for bands you’ve never heard of before. You’ll be surprised.

Bunbury Music Festival 2014 Artist Previews

Andrew W.K. »
When/Where: Saturday 8:15p-9:15p @ Warsteiner Stage 

Caspian »
When/Where: Saturday 3:30p-4:15p @ River Stage 

Empire Of The Sun »
When/Where: Friday 10:15p-11:15p @ Main Stage 

Fall Out Boy »
When/Where: Saturday 10:00p-11:15p @ Main Stage 

Heartless Bastards » (Local)
When/Where: Friday 9:15p-10:15p @ Warsteiner Stage 

Lamps & Voids »
When/Where: Sunday 4:15p-5:00p @ Amphitheater Stage 

When/Where: Saturday 5:45p-6:30p @ Lawn Stage 

New Politics »
When/Where: Saturday 4:15p-5:00p @ Main Stage 

The Orwells » (Local)
When/Where: Sunday 8:00p-9:00p @ Warsteiner Stage 

Panama Wedding »
When/Where: Friday 3:30p-4:15p @ Warsteiner Stage 

Royal Teeth »
When/Where: Friday 2:00p-2:45p @ River Stage 

X Ambassadors »
When/Where: Friday 2:45p-3:30p @ Main Stage


See an Intimate VIP Set at Bunbury 

Bunbury Music Festival is yet again offering VIP ticketholders the chance to see exclusive VIP performances throughout the festival this weekend. We are excited to be involved again, and will be producing videos of these performances in a partnership with Moonbeam Studios/The Bellwether Sessions...

Empire of the Sun Conquers Bunbury On Friday 

Empire of the Sun is such an appropriate name for the headliner at Bunbury on Friday night. From the middle of psychedelic sea anemone people flowing in an imaginary breeze to slinkier beings jerking and sliding around like Voldo from Soul Caliber rises a man, sporting a wild gold sun crown and...

Learn to Party with Andrew W.K. 

“Hey you! Let’s party. Have a killer party, and party.” I had never felt so invited in my life as those words rang true and determined from the boombox in the corner of the farm’s remote garage, a fellow 16-year-old party hopeful in an Ohio State hat handing me a Beast Ice to begin what...


Reining out of Denmark, traversing an ocean, trading their home continent for ours, David Boyd and Soren Hansen made their music dreams become their reality.  Picking up Louis Vecchio here in the U.S., the trio makes up New Politics.  With much talent and a bit of luck, in just a few short years,...

Fall In Love with the Many Sides of Fall Out Boy! 

Straight out of the streets of Wilmette, just north of Chicago, Fall Out Boy emerged from the underground hardcore punk scene with vocalist/guitarist Patrick Stump, bassist/lyricist Pete Wentz, drummer Andrew Hurley, and guitarist Joe Trohman in 2001, with their melody-soaked pop-punk.  Two years...

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An Interview With Caspian 

I always love asking this question of bands that I find hard to categorize… With all of the segmentation of genres into subgenres, sub-subgeneres, et al., how would you describe your music?I would describe our music as classical music written for a rock band. It has ambient influences and many...

MODOC to Rock Bunbury Music Festival 

Rock music may not hold the cultural sway it did in the days of Zeppelin or Hendrix, but don’t tell that to MODOC. Or tell them, sure, but prepare yourself for the clear-eyed defense of the genre coming your way. Like the Nashville trio’s contemporaries in Black Rebel Motorcycle Club, Queens of...

X Ambassadors is Still My Favorite Rock Band 

If you haven't yet heard of X Ambassadors, you will. Their new song, “Jungle” with Jamie N Commons is featured in the new Beats by Dre campaign for the 2014 Fife World Cup. The same song was also featured in the second season trailer of the Netflix drama series, “Orange is the New Black”. ...

Panama Wedding is Going to be One Your Favorites 

Panama Wedding has quickly established itself as one of the most promising indie artists of the year with "All Of The People," the joyful pop single that has been hailed by music outlets around the globe and has earned over 400,000 plays on Soundcloud. You are going to want to get to know Panama...

Lamps & Voids are Living in the Light 

Lamps & Voids are having quite the year so far. The Band just released their debut EP yesterday and are gearing up for Bunbury Music Festival this July! The band is comprised of Justin Duenne, Alex Hirlinger, Dan Crowe and Tyler Moen. Go grab a copy of the self titled EP HERE. (We will have a...

Heartless Bastards Coming Home for Bunbury 

Bringing Ohio-bred talent to its various stages has been one of Bunbury’s hallmarks since it began in 2012. Since then, local bands such as Bad Veins, Guided by Voices, The National and many others have graced its lineup card. One of the bands carrying on that tradition this year is Heartless...

Bunbury Band Alert: The Orwells 

The Orwells are just who they are. They are not trying to be anyone else. The Orwells are not trying to fit in and that is what makes them a great rock-n-roll band. Check out our interview below and then check them out at Bunbury Music Festival in July!  CincyMusic.com is giving away a pair of...

Parade of Lights, Royal Teeth and Chappo headed to 20th Century 

You might remember the band Chappo from their iPod commercial-featured single "Come Home," and they're gearing up to release a new album this spring. Their goal is to create a full-on sensory experience to match the psychadelic otherworldly-weirdness of their music, and their live show includes...