Lamps & Voids are Living in the Light

Lamps & Voids are having quite the year so far. The Band just released their debut EP yesterday and are gearing up for Bunbury Music Festival this July! The band is comprised of Justin Duenne, Alex Hirlinger, Dan Crowe and Tyler Moen.

Go grab a copy of the self titled EP HERE. (We will have a free download for you on Monday!) 

We chatted with the band on Bunbury, The Jonas Brothers and the Cincinnati Scene...

Give us some backstory on Lamps & Voids….
Well, Lamps & Voids technically began about 5 years ago under a different name. Justin (our lead singer) and Dan (our drummer) started a band with a few friends and started playing youth group festivals, and the occasional show at The Underground. After a few lineup changes and band name change, we became Lamps & Voids as it is today. We chose the name for many reasons, but mainly, for the meaning we can derive from it. Our hope is to bring light, whatever that may entail, to anywhere we go and infuse light into anything we play. It's also a very easy name to mess up, which can be fun. So far, we've been referred to as Lambs & Boys, The Lamb Boys, Handsome Boys, Lance & Royce (that's a brand new one) and - our personal favorite - Cramps & Roids.  

Tell us about your writing process for the new EP…
The songs on this EP are very special to us. We hear a lot about bands that write a ton of songs for a record, and then pick a select few to actually put on it. While that definitely has its benefits, that's not how we chose to do the L&V EP. These are songs that we've been playing live for quite a while, for the most part. We've gotten the chance to pick them apart and put them back together again a few times, and that process has made us fall back in love with our music, which is the most rewarding thing ever. We wrote one song specifically for the record, which was a new experience for us. Luckily, we had the help of our friend Aaron to smooth the process out and make the song nice and tasty. 

What has been your favorite experience playing live in Cincinnati?
It's hard to say. We've been so blessed by how creative and open to new music the Cincinnati scene is. Probably one of the shows at the top of the list would be a show we played at Thompson House last summer. It was a small crowd, and it was crazy hot, but it was one of the most excited crowds we've ever played for. There was nothing really interesting or exciting about that show, but just seeing so many new faces stick around for the whole set was pretty dang neat.  


Being picked for Bunbury Music Festival is kind of a big deal. Who do you look forward to mingling with, bandwise?
We have a few friends that are also playing the festival that day, so we'll probably be walking around with Motherfolk, Harbour, and Daniel In Stereo trying to act as cool as them. We'll probably just follow them around everywhere.  

For those who have not seen you live, what can they expect?
We play rock and roll music. We write songs about true struggle and true joy, and we do our best to take the audience on a journey with us through those things. We could probably come up with a bunch of fancy words to describe our performance, but in essence, our goal is to play meaningful music, and to do so very purposely.  


What is next for Lamps & Voids
Whatever God decides is next for Lamps & Voids. We're pulling for filling the hole that The Jonas Brothers left in the music industry though. Its, like, the perfect fit for us.  

Enter to win 3 day passes to Bunbury Music Festival HERE!

Lamps & Void
Bunbury Music Festival
Sunday July 13th
Amphitheater Stage


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