Reining out of Denmark, traversing an ocean, trading their home continent for ours, David Boyd and Soren Hansen made their music dreams become their reality.  Picking up Louis Vecchio here in the U.S., the trio makes up New Politics.  With much talent and a bit of luck, in just a few short years, the band has release two successful albums, releasing their first self-title debut in 2010, featuring the ever so catchy single, “Yeah Yeah Yeah”, and A Bad Girl in Harlem in 2013, containing the upbeat “Harlem” and the emotional “Stuck On You”.  To promote the album, the band is currently on their Monumentour tour.  Just like you, like me, like everyone else, see them during their pit stop to the Bunbury Music Festival. 

I sat down with David, and in addition to learning about his culture shock of the ingredients we Americans put in her food, we discussed the history of New Politics, what influences them, and what has been the band’s biggest moment thus far.

CB: Soren Hansen and you grew up in Denmark while Louis Vecchio is native to Long Island.  How did you meet your current bandmates?

DB: We moved to Brooklyn, NY after signing a record deal with Sony/RCA and our original drummer decided the life style of touring and sleeping on couches wasn't for him. So left drum-less we asked around and one of our friends, Mikey, who was out on tour with us introduced me to Louis. Louis sent us a clip of him playing along to Juvenile's "Back That Azz Up"! We met up at a studio and it was magic at first rehearsal.

CB: You have a not so hidden talent with your dance moves.  Where you always a great dancer?  Does anyone else have hidden talents?

DB: Thanks, dancing always been a thing I've done since I can remember so I try do it was much as I can! Louis likes to DJ, Soren loves games and gadgets!

CB: Your style of music reminds me of my all time favorite band, Green Day, from the sounds to the messages.  How would you describe your style?  Who are your biggest influences? 

DB: It's so hard 'cause we're inspired by so many songs and bands. We in general just like music, doesn't matter what style if it touches us or resonates, it inspires us. We really like old school rock from the '50s, '60s and '70s and then we're also big grunge/punk
fans. And being from Scandinavia, pop melodies have always been a big influence to our music. And yes Green Day as well!

CB: Your latest album, A Bad Girl in Harlem, is based heavily on your bachelor adventures in New York City.  What is your favorite song on the album?  What inspired you to write it?

DB: Yes, it's really an honest album and reflects an important and fast changing time in our life. It's hard to say a favorite because that constantly changes. At the moment I would say it's "Berlin" (about a girl I met while touring Europe. I love that city & wish I had more time to explore the cities we go to everyday) and "Fall Into These Arms" - to me that's a song that reflects a very vulnerable time in my life, getting out of a long relationship and starting from zero is a confusing and hard thing to do. Dealt with a lot of emotion and really all I wanted was to feel wanted and loved by someone.

CB: You have come a long way, exchanging continents, producing the successful New Politics and A Bad Girl in Harlem, and touring with the talented Fall Out Boy, 30 Seconds To Mars, and Paramore, and Pink.  What has been your biggest moment so far? What did it mean to you?

DB: Yes, lucky and blessed we are. Getting the opportunity to tour with the above bands has helped and kept us hungry and inspired. They've all been so supportive and great to us. They show us that it's all possible if we work hard and push our dreams. There are tons of other things that have been big highlights for us, like having "Harlem" and "Tonight You're Perfect" on the radio charts and MTV, to having our songs in commercials or playing on the Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon, The Late Show with Seth Myers and Jimmy Kimmel Live.

Check out New Politics Saturday July 12th on the Main Stage at 4:15p at Bunbury Music Festival!

You can still enter to win a pair of 3 day passes to Bunbury Music Festival HERE!


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