Learn to Party with Andrew W.K.

“Hey you! Let’s party. Have a killer party, and party.” I had never felt so invited in my life as those words rang true and determined from the boombox in the corner of the farm’s remote garage, a fellow 16-year-old party hopeful in an Ohio State hat handing me a Beast Ice to begin what would become an evening of memorable high school debauchery. Andrew W.K. laid the foundations for my first parties, and continues to do so today with aggressive rock anthems that rage with an uplifting beauty.  

Andrew Wilkes-Krier is the most legit jack-of-every-trade in entertainment today. Is that a stretch? Maybe. But how many other artists can you name that write, sing and play their own music, produce music for other artists, tour as a motivational speaker, own a record label, write regular opinion columns, host their own TV show on Cartoon Network (re: “Destroy Build Destroy”), run a New York City nightclub and still tour with a band?

There can be only one: the self-proclaimed “King of Party.” His career began in 2001 with the release of his famous bloody-faced album, “I Get Wet.” If you’re unfamiliar, start with its first track, “It’s Time To Party.” It’s a tune that roots deep in my spirit animal roots, and it’s an awesome way to familiarize yourself with the fun, upbeat essence that Andrew W.K. brings to the People of Party.

After about a minute-and-a-half of informing us about what time it is, the song jumps straight into his most famous song, “Party Hard.” But this one is more than a song about hyping your gathering, though. If you listen closely, it’s a message to everyone, young and old: No matter how hard you’ve got it, you’ve got a party in all of us. Your bills might be wavering like a Jenga tower and your job stinks worse than your work shoes, but it’s always easy to crank up the volume and get lost in the powerful orchestration of major key A.W.K. rock that will always be way bigger than your problems.

If you’re blaring “She Is Beautiful” and still aren’t convinced of the beauty, Andrew W.K.’s celebration excellence is surpassed only by his passion for pizza and guiding humanity’s partying towards a better existence. His Facebook Party Tips (July 2: Make people feel good) best the cryptic disappointment that is today’s fortune cookie with sage quips that rival Confucius’ Analects, and his “Ask Andrew W.K.” blog (also July 2: How to be a Man) lends wise guidance about being a rad dude that rides life by the freedom horns.

Andrew W.K. is shutting down Bunbury’s Warsteiner Stage on Saturday night with a solo set at 8:15pm, which means you can expect him to be a wild animal playing every instrument on stage. Everyone is family at an Andrew W.K. show, so bring your good vibes and jump around with your brothers and sisters at the most random, unpredictable party concert you’ll attended along the river this summer.

You can still enter to win a pair of 3 day passes to Bunbury Music Festival, HERE

Our friend Heather Davis-Wolking took THESE PHOTOS of Andrew W.K. the last time he was in town. 


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