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Andrew WK

Photos of Andrew WK and The Protomen at The Madison Theater on May 26. Photos courtesy of Heather Davis-Wolking.


Learn to Party with Andrew W.K. 

“Hey you! Let’s party. Have a killer party, and party.” I had never felt so invited in my life as those words rang true and determined from the boombox in the corner of the farm’s remote garage, a fellow 16-year-old party hopeful in an Ohio State hat handing me a Beast Ice to begin what...

Potty Mouth Plays MPMF! 

Potty Mouth is infectious indie pop meets punk perfection. The Northampton, MA based quartet are performing Thursday, September 26th 10:30p at Know Theatre. They've performed with Andrew W.K., The Pains of Being Pure At Heart, Bleached, Waxahatchee, and more, and were recently part of the New...

FotoFocus Exhibition Showcases Music Photography! 

Reverberation: Capturing the Live Music Experience is an exhibition sponsored and coordinated by FotoFocus, that opens on September 3rd and will be taking part in the MidPoint Music Festival festivities in the most fitting way possible: by honoring the local photographers who capture the live...