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An Interview With Caspian

I always love asking this question of bands that I find hard to categorize… With all of the segmentation of genres into subgenres, sub-subgeneres, et al., how would you describe your music?
I would describe our music as classical music written for a rock band. It has ambient influences and many others obviously but that is how we have come to think about it. And that is how we are approaching our music these days.  We love theme and we love the experience of a melody becoming something throughout a song, just like how we become things in our lives.   

Your music is incredibly rich and full sounding for an instrumental band. Was it a conscious choice from the beginning to eschew vocals?
No, not really at all. The band just never had a singer.  There were some dudes playing instruments together and it just worked.  

Your music is quite orchestral at times, have any of you had and formal education in composition?
I have. I studied classical guitar in college and am eternally grateful for the knowledge.  All the same everyone in the band has “studied” at this point.  We all love classical music and really appreciate everything it did for form in music.  Our songs are not really verse/chorus. We always make sure that there is some sort of progression happening. 

What is your writing process like?
It has certainly changed recently as we have added a couple new members to the process but the core of it remains the same.  Someone will have an idea and the band will work on it until it either becomes a song or is let go.  We record all of our progress so that we can listen to it while we are away from practice and brainstorm.  That has helped immensely. Sometimes we write a song in a few days.  Sometimes a 4 months.  Each song is its own unique puzzle and dialogue.   

You guys seem to be touring almost constantly.  Life on the road is a unique experience, what’s you favorite “on the road” story?
Phil recently refereed a small person’s boxing match in the Philippines. For those of you who do not know, Phil is 6’7”.  It was perhaps the funniest thing I have ever seen. 

What can people expect from a Caspian show?
We put our all into our performances and we always bring as much energy as we have.  The sounds will be really quiet and then, possibly, deafeningly loud.  We hope that you will be able to escape with us a moment as we appreciate the always beautiful and sometimes dark places in life. 

You have consistently released limited edition vinyl versions of your records and EPs.  As I vinyl lover I’m appreciative of that!  Are you collectors yourselves?
I have a few at the house.  I don’t know if I am quite a collector yet but I can certain appreciate a nice record like I can a fine Scotch. 

Do you feel that Caspian’s music is particularly well suited to the vinyl medium?
I think so. I think vinyl somehow lets a recording breathe and I love how our records sound in that medium.   

What’s been on heavy rotation on you cd player/iPod/spotify/turntable/other fancy gadget these days?
I have been studying a lot of 20th century guitar works. I love Koshkin Nakita (a russian composer) and Angelo Gilardino has written some fantastic music for the guitar. They have been my obsessions recently. Though merely a study, listen to Gilardino’s Studio N.6 (Soledad) from his studies of virtuosity and transcendence. It is a stunning piece. 

Lastly, I know you guys have been to Cincy before, have you ever had Cincinnati style chili?  If so, thoughts? If not, it is a must-eat when you’re in town!
I have, once, for sure. Ironically I don’t think I was actually in Cincinnati when I had it. I remember it being super tasty though. I guess I’ll have to get some of the real stuff soon! 

Catch Caspian at Bunbury Music Festival Saturday July 12th at 3:30 – 4:45 on the River Stage! 

You can still enter to win a 3 day pass to Bunbury Music Festival HERE


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