Caspian – Heavy Hearts, A Heavier Release

We’ve talked with Caspian before - so it should come as no surprise that we’re excited for their return to Cincinnati for this year’s MidPoint Music Festival. Much like our first chat with the band in 2013, this appearance brings them back to Queen City closely following the release of a new album. Though circumstances surrounding the creation of their latest album couldn’t have been more different.

Dust and Disquiet is both somber and uplifting, much like their previous catalog, though none of them play nearly as palpably heavy. Following the sudden death of bassist Chris Friedrich in August of 2013, the recovery and continuation of the band was never so much in question or doubt. It was more how the band would change and what effect such a tragedy would have. If their latest release is any indication - and it doesn’t seem as if they’d be too shy as to admit it - the process of creating Dust and Disquiet wasn’t an easy one, but the end result is a beautiful, cathartic Post-Rock record that never remotely shows signs of buckling under its own weight. It’s crushing, but never jarring, flowing and transitioning between tracks like a soundtrack without the need of a visual accompaniment. It’s a triumph, regardless the background.

Leading up to the release of the new album, the band involved fans in the process in more ways than simply premiering tracks online. Over the course of a month, Caspian held 5 exclusive listening parties for Dust & Disquiet in order to share something that was so close to their hearts. It’s obvious they’re proud of this record, and they wanted to show that. Their live show, in much the same way, is a display of confidence in their evolution, pride in their creation, and a release from the sadness of personal, and maybe just life’s, tragedies. Bursts of noise layered over ethereal guitar work, shimmering lines traced over bombastic drums and thrumming bass. Their albums are big, their live show so much bigger.

Caspian brings their melodic, orchestral take on instrumental Post-Rock to bear on Washington Park this Saturday at 5:15. The sun will be out and the temperature will be right where it needs to be on an early fall evening. It’s a truly superb way to start your Saturday night at MidPoint.



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