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Parade of Lights, Royal Teeth and Chappo headed to 20th Century

Parade of Lights, Royal Teeth and Chappo headed to 20th Century

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You might remember the band Chappo from their iPod commercial-featured single "Come Home," and they're gearing up to release a new album this spring. Their goal is to create a full-on sensory experience to match the psychadelic otherworldly-weirdness of their music, and their live show includes costumes, confetti, and a giant LED moon! 

Royal Teeth is an exciting six member band from Louisiana. They recently went out on tour with X Ambassadors and The Mowgli's and are back at it again! If all music tells a story, then Royal Teeth’s joyous, inspired songs spin an exuberant tale of possibility, each note conveying the youthful excitement of venturing out into the great wide world. The songs on the band’s debut album, Glow, were penned around the idea of exploration and spirited adventures into the unknown, and its 12 tracks lay out a kaleidoscopic narrative of discovery. Royal Teeth prides themselves on their live show. Come check them out to preview the amazingness they will be bringing back to Bunbury Music Festival this July!

Combining equal parts rock, new wave, and shoegaze, Parade Of Lights create a unique blend of 80's influenced and anthem-ready indie power pop, and their single, “We’re The Kids” is no exception. Also on their forthcoming EP (due out 3/25), the title-track “Golden,” is a driving alt-electro anthem of propulsive dance melodies and layers of static-laced synths building to a hook-heavy chorus that will have you reaching for the repeat button. “Golden” was featured in NBC’s Winter Olympics TV campaign airing for an additional two weeks thru the duration of the Games.

Parade of Lights, Royal Teeth & Chappo
20th Century Theatre
Wednesday March 5th