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Andrew Risch

Andrew Risch is more Metal than you. From Death Metal, to Thrash to Pirate Metal, there is no subgenre he doesn't enjoy.  He can be found at most shows giving the horns with one hand and nursing a beer in the other.

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Review: Alice Cooper

The air had a bit of a chill in it on Sunday night. Most people will tell you that it was because summer was ending and the fall season was getting ready to begin. Others will lead you to believe that is was the breeze coming off the Ohio River. But for those that were there, we know the truth. That dark chill in the air was the legendary macabre maestro, Alice Cooper.

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Louder Than Life Brings Heavy Music, Bourbon, and Epic Man Food

Summer may be coming to an end but Louisville KY is keeping the summer musical festival alive with the return of its annual “Louder Than Life.” If you are a fan of heavy music, bourbon and epic man food (And who isn’t?), this show is an absolute can’t miss.

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Review: The Undead

When The Undead come to town, the party isn’t far behind. The New Jersey native group of groovy ghouls brought their unique blend of horror and punk to The Southgate House Revival for an unforgettable wicked night.

Review: Summer Slaughter

The Summer Slaughter tour made a stop in Cincinnati as a part of its annual tour of extreme music. The fans came out in droves to Bogart’s for a night of metal and mayhem.

See You in the Pit: Summer Slaughter Tour

This summer is about to become more brutal than ever before. Don't worry, I’m not talking about adding any more humid days being added to the calendar. Cincinnati is going to be hit with one of the heaviest hitting concerts of the year.

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The Undead are set to bring a night of punk and horror to the Southgate House

Under normal circumstances, a hearse parked in front of a church is not a sign of a good time. However, when that hearse is The Undead’s infamous tour vehicle, and that church is The Southgate House Revival, all bets are off.

Remember Jackie Issacs at Herzog Music

Back in the early 80’s, rock 'n roll had almost universally been a boy’s club with women playing the roles of girlfriend or groupie. For a woman to make it in the scene was no small feat. Punk rock and its DIY attitude helped change this as many people who never thought of themselves as musicians began to take to the stage and create their own music.

Kid-Friendly Music Events

The CincyMusic team cares about your kid getting a healthy dose of live music in their lives early and often! Check out a list of kid-friendly events happening right here in Cincinnati!

Review: Vans Warped Tour

It was a wretchedly humid day with the heat index making it feel over 100 degrees. But for those of us that were brave enough to battle the heat and humidity, it was a day of punk rock, anarchy, and all out fun at the Vans Warped Tour.

Interview: Municipal Waste

In anticipation of Warped Tour on Wednesday, July 19th at Riverbend, we sat down with Municipal Waste!

Alestorm Set Sail for the Warped Tour

Ahoy there! From far across the sea comes a band of dirty drunken pirates with a simple mission: To drink your beer, steel your rum and melt your face. Hailing from Scotland, Alestorm is the best Pirate themed metal band to sail the seven seas.

An All Day Megadeth Celebration in Cincy

Megadeth made their epic return to the Queen City on July 2nd and for many fans it was an all-day party with the thrash metal titans. The day started with a pre-concert meet and greet with the band’s frontman Dave Mustaine at Jungle Jim’s in Eastgate.