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Andrew Risch

Andrew Risch is more Metal than you. From Death Metal, to Thrash to Pirate Metal, there is no subgenre he doesn't enjoy.  He can be found at most shows giving the horns with one hand and nursing a beer in the other.

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Review: Ghost

Ghost haunted the Taft Theatre Friday night, performing over 20 songs to a sold out and rabid crowd. “New” frontman Cardinal Copia brings a new level of energy to a group that is arguably already on the top of their game.

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Metal F’N Saturday

Metal F’N Saturday takes place this coming Saturday April 28th. The party kicks off at 12pm and carries on until 6pm. As the name implies, this event celebrates the hard and the heavy side of rock n roll with some awesome local metal and punk bands.

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Record Store Day in Cincinnati: Morrow Audio

Located in Florence Kentucky, Morrow Audio is a relatively new comer to the Greater Cincinnati record store scene, but they are run by a group of vinyl fans that will ensure they stay around for a long time to come.

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Interview: John Bechdel of Ministry

John Bechdel has played with some of the most iconic bands in the industrial music scene. You may not be too familiar with the person, but you are familiar with the music. Starting his professional behind the keys with Killing Joke and continuing today with Ministry, John Bechdel took a few minutes to chat with me about his career and his upcoming documentary: Killing the Joke - The John Bechdel Story.

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Nightwish Takes Over Madison Theater

The legendary Finnish symphonic metal band Nightwish made their way to the Madison Theater Monday evening. The Covington stop is part of their “Decades” tour as the group plays many songs from their 20+ year spanning history.

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Richie Ramone of The Ramones at SGHR

Richie Ramone may be best known as the former drummer for the world-famous Ramones from 1983-1987. He was in the band at the time of their performances and the legendary Jockey Club in Newport, KY (Now home to the Wooden Cask Brewing Company).

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Mac Sabbath has to be Seen to be Believed

Forget the traditional Valentine’s Day routine of the boring gifts of heart shaped boxes of chocolates and overpriced flowers followed by a dinner and a movie. That’s so lame. Instead do something a little different this year and take your sweetie out for a night out of some awesome live music brought to you by a bunch of crazed fast food mascots.

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Review: In Plain Sight by Spring Grove

In Plain Sight is the 5-song debut EP by Cincinnati natives Spring Grove. After listening, it’s hard to believe this is the group’s first release. There is some real production value here. This is not the run of the mill album someone tries to sell you outside of a venue after a show. This is the real deal.

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Rock on the Range

It may be cold and downright miserable outside but don’t let that slow down your summer concert planning!

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Review: Trans-Siberian Orchestra

Have you ever wanted to take the best parts of Christmas, heavy metal, and Dungeons & Dragons and place them in a blender?

Book Launch: Queen City Records: Record Stores of Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky

There is nothing like a good record hunt. Looking for that rare pressing or colored vinyl from your favorite bands across dusty antique shows, cluttered flea markets and of course, your local record store. When you finally manage to track down one of your elusive grails, it’s a rewarding feeling that sets you up for your next adventure.

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Review: Michale Graves

I have to admit something. I’ve never been to a show at the Northside Yacht Club prior to the Michale Graves show. Upon walking in, I immediately noticed how small of a venue it was. I was actually excited by this as smaller concert venues usually means the show will be in an imitate setting.