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Andrew Risch

Andrew Risch is more Metal than you. From Death Metal, to Thrash to Pirate Metal, there is no subgenre he doesn't enjoy.  He can be found at most shows giving the horns with one hand and nursing a beer in the other.

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An Interview with Joe Queer

The Queers recently performed a fantastic show at the legendary Southgate House Revival as part of their 40th anniversary tour.

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REVIEW: The Queers

It’s hard to believe that long running pop punk veterans The Queers are currently finishing their 40th anniversary tour. Luckily one of their last stops was at one of the best venues the Cincinnati area has to offer, the legendary Southgate House Revival.

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REVIEW: Hell is Ohio Fest at Swine City Brewing Co.

Hell is Ohio. Anyone who was in Ohio this past week with its humid soupy, swampy and oppressive heat will surely agree that this is a true statement.

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REVIEW: Metalachi at The Southgate House Revival

Metalachi isn’t just your run of the mill cover band. Sure the combination of mariachi and heavy metal sounds silly… nevermind. It IS silly. But it is FUN.

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REVIEW: Steel Panther at Bogart's

Steel Panther is a band that is so over the top and ridiculous, they let you get lost in the moment, forget all of your troubles and just kick back and enjoy the show.

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REVIEW: Suzi Moon at The Southgate House Revival

Punk Rock is alive and well at The Southgate House Revival.

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War Curse at Jet Age Records on RSD

Jet Age Records located in Newport, Kentucky who have been responsible for keeping Monmouth LOUD, are staying true to their word by hosting an in-store concert.

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SHOW REVIEW: Wednesday 13 and Doyle at The Blue Note

It’s April so we are officially halfway to the Halloween season. To celebrate this ghastly occasion 2 of our favorite ghouls, Wednesday 13 and Doyle awoke from their cold crypts to perform a spook-tacular night of horror punk at The Blue Note in Harrison Ohio.