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REVIEW: Ghost at PNC Pavilion

Photo Cred: Bonzo Gonzo

Ghost’s popularity has exploded in recent years as they add more and more fans to their unholy family. When they first came to Cincinnati they performed at the Heritage Bank Center as the opening act for Avenged Sevenfold. They came back with their first headlining tour and sold out the Taft Theater. The last time Papa and the Nameless Ghouls came to town they performed at Heritage Bank Center once again, only this time they were headlining the show.

It’s only been a little over a year since Ghost last visited Cincinnati. Fans came out in droves. Many dressed up as various versions of Papa and nameless ghouls. Plenty of others had their faces painted up to match the charismatic singer. The crowd was full of people of all ages including plenty of young children who just might have been there for their first rock concert.

Riverbend’s PNC Pavilion had long sold out for Wednesday night’s performance. Plenty of excitement was in the air following Amon Amarth’s powerful performance. When the curtains finally dropped the crowd erupted. Ghost spared no expense on their stage set, looking much like a church complete with stained glass windows and altars. The nameless ghouls looked perfectly eerie with their newer masks and suits that resemble Star Wars’ Tusken Raiders mixed with SteamPunk.


Papa naturally took center stage. He had many costume changes throughout the night ranging from glittery vests, Gene Simmons looking bat wings and of course the infamous full “pope” outfit. Papa clearly held the audience's attention for the evening with his perfect vocal delivery and often humorous stage banter. Moving and dancing around the stage with plenty of grace, Papa commanded attention

The rest of the band performed the hits perfectly during their set. While their masks may look ominous and frightening the nameless ghouls have a certain playfulness to their performance. This is a band who is clearly having just as much fun playing the songs as the people watching.

Like any good rock show Ghost had plenty of theatrical elements going on ranging from pyrotechnics, fireworks and plenty of confetti. Ghost even managed to sneak in a surprise guest for a special performance. There is so much fun stuff happening at a Ghost show it can almost be overwhelming.


Ghost performed all of the hits from their entire discography including “Rats,” Mary on a Cross,” “Square Hammer,” and plenty more. If you were a Ghost fan you went home happy, if you weren’t too familiar with them before you went home a brand new rabid fan. If you’ve never seen the band perform live before make sure to check them out the next time they come to town. They put on one of the best rock shows today.

Just make sure to get your ticket early! They will sell out!

Ghost / Amon Amarth at PNC Pavilion

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