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Review: Trans-Siberian Orchestra

Have you ever wanted to take the best parts of Christmas, heavy metal, and Dungeons & Dragons and place them in a blender?

Book Launch: Queen City Records: Record Stores of Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky

There is nothing like a good record hunt. Looking for that rare pressing or colored vinyl from your favorite bands across dusty antique shows, cluttered flea markets and of course, your local record store. When you finally manage to track down one of your elusive grails, it’s a rewarding feeling that sets you up for your next adventure.

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Review: Michale Graves

I have to admit something. I’ve never been to a show at the Northside Yacht Club prior to the Michale Graves show. Upon walking in, I immediately noticed how small of a venue it was. I was actually excited by this as smaller concert venues usually means the show will be in an imitate setting.

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Horror Punk at Northside Yacht Club

Halloween is a season of tricks and treats and this Thursday, horror punk fans will be receiving a big bag of delicious treats. The Northside Yacht Club is throwing a Monster Mash of sorts with a slew of monstrous horror punk bands featuring Michale Graves, Crypt Seeker, Treason and Bloodgate.

Epic Man Food at Louder Than Life

You know the routine when it comes to what kind of food to expect when you go to a music festival. Cardboard tasting pizza, dried out and over cooked cheese burgers and my personal favorite stale nachos covered in fresh nacho cheese made from water and some sort of mystical powder.

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Andrew W.K. is Bringing the Party

Cincinnati! Are you ready to party? Hard rock’s biggest party animal, Andrew W.K, is making his way to Bogart’s on October 8 as part of his surprisingly named, “The Party Never Dies Tour”.

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Louder Than Life Does it to the Extreme

Louder than Life is the extreme festival you have been waiting for. Whether it’s the bourbon, epic styled, “Man Food”, or the multiple heavy hitting bands that bring you to the festival, Louder than Life does everything to the extreme.

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Review: Alice Cooper

The air had a bit of a chill in it on Sunday night. Most people will tell you that it was because summer was ending and the fall season was getting ready to begin. Others will lead you to believe that is was the breeze coming off the Ohio River. But for those that were there, we know the truth. That dark chill in the air was the legendary macabre maestro, Alice Cooper.

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Louder Than Life Brings Heavy Music, Bourbon, and Epic Man Food

Summer may be coming to an end but Louisville KY is keeping the summer musical festival alive with the return of its annual “Louder Than Life.” If you are a fan of heavy music, bourbon and epic man food (And who isn’t?), this show is an absolute can’t miss.

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Review: The Undead

When The Undead come to town, the party isn’t far behind. The New Jersey native group of groovy ghouls brought their unique blend of horror and punk to The Southgate House Revival for an unforgettable wicked night.

Review: Summer Slaughter

The Summer Slaughter tour made a stop in Cincinnati as a part of its annual tour of extreme music. The fans came out in droves to Bogart’s for a night of metal and mayhem.

See You in the Pit: Summer Slaughter Tour

This summer is about to become more brutal than ever before. Don't worry, I’m not talking about adding any more humid days being added to the calendar. Cincinnati is going to be hit with one of the heaviest hitting concerts of the year.