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Review: The Aquabats

Alright folks, let’s do things a little bit different today shall we? Today we are going to base this review through the eyes of a parent. Yes. A parent bringing their young child to a rock concert. On a Wednesday night no less.

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Interview: The Aquabats

Andrew sat down with the one and only Bat Commander from The Aquabats!

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The Jockey Club

When it comes to old school legendary punk venues CBGB’s out of New York City is often the first place to come across people’s lips. Or maybe the 9:30 club in DC or The Whiskey A Go-Go in LA. When it came to phenomenal punk rock shows many of today’s generation are unaware that Cincinnati had a killer punk venue in its own backyard.

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Cincinnati’s Rock ‘n Roll Laundromat: Sudsy Malone’s

I still talk to bands to this day who remember Sudsy’s with a warm fondness. It was a truly a Queen City gem.

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Northside Heavy Metal Festival

9 Bands. Free Cover.

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Review: Verment, Micawber, Cannabis Corpse, & Psycroptic

Psycroptic gave fuel to that primal need to just go nuts as the music hits you. Several pits broke out during their set much to the delight of the band and only further encouraged the already frenzied fans to go nuts, leaving everyone in attendance with a sore neck from head banging and a few bruises from mixing it up in the pit. All in all, the perfect way to end a Sunday night.  

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Record Store Day in Cincinnati 2019: Torn Light

If you are looking for to check out something new, perhaps something you never even knew existed, Torn Light is the place for you.

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Review: Cybertronic Spree

Like many young children of the early eighties, I was (and still am) obsessed with the Transformers. So checking out the Cybertronic Spree show at Bogart’s was a no brainer. A band performing arena rock and hair metal in awesome Transformers costumes? Sign me the hell up.

First Annual Record Fair at Bogart’s

Whether you are new to the hobby, a seasoned vinyl vet or just looking for something fun to do this weekend, Bogart’s 1st Annual Record Fair is worth checking out.

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Review: Metallica

Metallica’s set was loud, heavy, and fun. They gave the fans what they wanted in spades, with tons of energy and mayhem, playing over 2 hours without an intermission, it’s clear that Metallica are not planning on retiring any time soon.

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Playlist: Metallica

As Metallica’s upcoming show at U.S. Bank Arena is rapidly approaching us, I thought it would be fitting to put together a playlist for the concert.

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Metallica at U.S. Bank Arena

2019 is going to be a great year for Metalheads in Cincinnati. Ozzy Osbourne, Kiss, and Iron Maiden have already announced tours that will each make a stop in the Queen City. To start the year off, Heavy Metal heavy weights, Metallica are playing U.S. Bank Arena on Wednesday, January 30th.