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REVIEW: Subhumans at Legends

The Subhumans are one of those bands that fans of many different punk genres can agree on. No matter if you are a pop punker or crust and hardcore listener, you can’t help but get into the Subhumans. With their catchy and chaotic tunes and unforgettable logo and album covers the Subhumans have been winning fans over for more than 40 years.

It has been over 20 years since the band has performed in Cincinnati and Wednesday night’s show was a welcome return. With the turnout for the show, you would have thought it was a Saturday night. Fans of all ages crammed into Legends to see the infamous punks from the UK. Young teens and scene veterans were treated to a spectacular set full of plenty of tunes from the band’s back catalog and a few newer songs as well.

Frontman Dick Lucas has more energy than people half his age; he easily kept up with the young punks (and a few 50+) who kept the pit spinning for the band’s entire set. Lucas did take a few moments between songs to give a few sidebars and back story behind the songs. Classics like “Rats,” “Parasite” and “Animal” are just as, if not more, relevant today as when they were written many years ago.

Hearing so many classic songs as well as new songs like “99%” live was incredible. With so many people in the venue and my limited stature I wasn’t able to make out too much of what was going on stage. But I didn’t care. For that limited amount of time the Subhumans took me back to time when I was a teenager who just discovered punk rock.

It was nice to see a large amount of younger people in the audience. The next punk rock generation is doing a terrific job of keeping the (Anarchy) flag flying.There was one young boy in particular who couldn't have been more than 12. He must have had the time of his life crowd surfing through the entire pit. That’s parenting done right.

Hopefully the Subhumans don’t make us wait another 20 years to see them again.