Reality Check with KT: Mad Love for Mad Anthony Follow Up

This Friday night THEE place to be is at The Southgate House Revival! There is an unbelievable lineup of music for an unbelievably driven group of local rockers; Marc Sherlock, Ringo Jones and Adam Flaig: Mad Anthony! The boys suffered a major setback on June 29th when they were involved in a serious car accident outside of Louisville. A crack team of local friends; Sarah and Jason Ramsey, Morrella Raleigh, Sean Garner and yours truly, wasted no time and have put together two great shows, complete with kick ass lineups, auction and raffle items–including a White Strat signed by Peter Frampton from Play It Forward (who also cut the boys a sizeable check), t-shirts, posters, photobooths, DJ-Stuart MacKenzie, a roast of MA and more love and goodwill than The Red Cross! 

This Friday (7/26) is the first benefit which features music by 15 local bands including The Sundresses, Black Owls, Veronica Grim, State Song and others. (Click here for the full lineup) Stuart MacKenzie of DAAP Girls and Lion’s Rampant was bummed his bands weren’t able to make the show, so he decided to DJ in the big room between sets! Bands juked and jived to figure out how to fit this in their schedules and unlike usual response time from creative folk (I’m waiting…I’m waiting…I’m waiting…) this show literally came together within days with enthusiastic confirmations! (A side note from your humble narrator here. I’ve been putting on big shows for a long time and I’ve never seen anything like the response to these two shows. It has truly been our local music family at its utmost best!) The cover, $10 through midnight Thursday if you buy your ticket in advance (Either at SGHR or through or $12 at the door all goes to help the boys!  Shaun and Lily Norton even donated sound! If you can’t make this show, no worries, you can still help by attending the second benefit on Friday August 9th at Mainstay Rock Bar! The lineup there is stellar as well; Knife The Symphony, Alone at 3 a.m., Mala In Se, Mangrenade and The Makeshifts!

What happened?

The guys had left their show in Louisville and were traveling to their next destination, Evansville. Just outside of Louisville they ran into a nasty storm. The van hydroplaned and spun into a line of trees.  Ringo was catapulted into the woods, Marc was knocked out and thrown part way through the rear passenger window. Adam, who was driving (and wearing a seat belt), walked away with some cuts and bruises.  The van was totaled, some of the gear destroyed and Ringo and Marc sustained some serious injuries. Ringo had a huge gash across his forehead requiring 23 stitches and 17 staples and 2 more on his chin. Marc also had a head injury requiring 40 staples and he fractured his C4 vertebrae. Marc will be in a neck brace through the end of September. After learning of the crash, I had text Ringo to check in on them.  When I asked him what happened he sent an extremely detailed, what seemed almost like stream of consciousness, retelling. This is my favorite part; “I’m lucky to be alive. I walked out of the woods under my own power, pushing my favorite t-shirt against my skull, my skin peeled back like a lid, and I was walking around like I was John Wayne or something.”

What’s the damages?

In the month since the accident the boys have been healing, assessing the damages and just being overwhelmed by the support from not only the local music scene, but love and well wishes that have been sent from all over the country and from their many friends and fans in Canada! Ringo and I talked Monday and he said they are simply blown away by the bands going out of their way for them. “Who the fuck are we?” He said as the lineup was coming together he’d see bands that were on board to play and be like, “They like us? They know us?” and he said the experience has made them all realize who they are to other people and that feels really amazing and life affirming. 

I asked for an update on the gear and was very happy to hear that Adam’s mom made an ace move after the accident. The van’s windows were blown out and it’s been raining like crazy. She called the tow lot and asked them to tarp the van, knowing the gear was still inside, until they could get down to Louisville to get everything! Adam and Ringo’s guitars are being reset and look to be okay. Adam’s cabinet, some of the drums and a good chunk of the merch were lost. The medical bills and loss of work for Marc is the biggest financial obstacle and, of course, the van.

What’s next for MA?

Ringo and Adam went right back out and finished dates through last weekend. They worked it out with the venues to play the shows acoustic. They’re hoping to finish the August and September dates with a sub drummer, but that’s not set in stone yet. It’s very difficult for such hard workers to accept cancelling dates, but right now, they are trying to be fluid and just do what needs to be done. This may include going back to day jobs temporarily. Ringo was talking to Jerry Dirr, his friend and mentor from Phratry Records, about the reality of this and Jerry told him, “All my biggest heroes still have day jobs.” 

I asked Ringo, knowing all the emotions they had to work through, just a few months ago in February and March, when they pulled up stakes and took to the road full-time, what he thought they were getting from the accident. He said at times he felt like the universe was telling them “you shouldn’t be doing this” and at other times, maybe it’s just the universe testing them. He said one of the biggest reasons he is so anxious to be back on the road is that he wants other musicians to be proud of them. They aren’t worried about being famous but they’d like to emulate the rock and roll work ethic of bands they admire like Fugazi. “I want people to remember how we did it rather than what we did.” After these first few months, being out on the road full time, including walking away from a wreck that literally could have taken his life Ringo said; “Everything happens for a reason.  I do believe what we’re doing is honest and true. I now know who I am. I know what I want. I know who my friends are.  It puts things into perspective.” He also really wants to ask everyone to wear their seat belts. He usually does, but had taken it off to take his wallet out and a few minutes later he’s flying out of the van. Life really can change in a split second. As a friend of the guys, I’m glad this second left them rattled but very much alive. Let’s celebrate that together Friday night and August 9th!

Mad Love for Mad Anthony
Friday, July 26 at The Southgate House Revival
7:30 door, 8 p.m. show time
$10 in advance/$12 at the door

18 and up welcome


Reality Check with KT: Mad Love for Mad Anthony 

I went on Facebook early Sunday to message Ringo, Marc and Adam plans for our upcoming recording session for a tune we wrote for my Sacred Harp Sessions.  (We were set to record at The Monastery with Ric Hordinski, July 30.)  Just after hitting send, I see in the news feed the terrible news that...