Reality Check with KT: Mad Love for Mad Anthony

Photo by frankpierson

I went on Facebook early Sunday to message Ringo, Marc and Adam plans for our upcoming recording session for a tune we wrote for my Sacred Harp Sessions.  (We were set to record at The Monastery with Ric Hordinski, July 30.)  Just after hitting send, I see in the news feed the terrible news that they had been in a serious accident the night before.  Sunday’s update read, “Mad Anthony was in a bad accident on our way to Evansville, Indiana last night outside of Louisville.  Everyone was rushed to U of L hospital and is doing fine.”

If you don’t know their story; the guys in Mad Anthony took a leap of faith in March and took to the road to take their shot and do music and nothing but music full time.  This included, leaving substantial jobs, letting their apartment go, selling or giving away most of their belongings, saying painful goodbyes to friends and family and frankly, powering through fear and anxiety and “what the eff are we doing?” feelings.  But, they felt like, it’s now or never and they wanted to see where the road would take them.

Where it’s taken them is all over Canada, through most of the US including dates in the Pacific Northwest and into the hearts of fans everywhere they’ve been.  A glance at their calendar at and you can see all of their hard work, right there in black and white by way of upcoming dates in California, Arizona, the Carolinas, Texas and everywhere in between.  This band is serious.  And, this band is fiercely loved by fans.  They are a powerhouse to watch.  I told Ringo once, that it’s kind of amazing these three people came together.  They each have a special energy and it’s hard to know who to watch when they’re onstage.  They all give it everything, every time.  And their songs are melodic and raw and, they’re just completely authentic and they fucking rock.  That’s the best description I can give.  You’re head buzzes after a Mad Anthony performance and you feel full and happy.

This is not the article I wanted to write.  The article I was supposed to write was going to be about their first six months on the road.  The boys have been jotting down some stories and promised to be transparent and honest about the ups and downs.  They knew they’d be talking to other musicians and unlike the updates we all know to keep upbeat on social media and websites, we were going to tell the good and bad.  But, this is the article I NEED to write, at least for now.

For the latest updates from the boys regarding specific injuries and show cancellations, go here (and see below).

As a community it sounds like the best thing we can give the guys is TIME.  It sounds like Marc got the worst of it and let’s be serious, a vertebrae injury is nothing to screw with.  I think putting our money where our mouths are is the best thing we can do right now. He will most definitely need time to heal and that means we want to put our money where our mouths are and make sure they don't have to sweat the down time. Obviously, there is a van and instruments that need to be replaced asap as well! So if you want to pitch in email us ASAP! 

Two benefit shows are in the works.  One is confirmed for, Friday July 26th at The Southgate House Revival.  This is a whole house show with 500 Miles to Memphis, The Black Owls and 16 other bands performing plus a silent auction. $10 donation at the door.   A second show will take place at Mainstay Rock Bar.  Date tba.  Many bands have been contacted and a total outpouring of support is starting to build.  If you would like to help in any way; volunteer, play, donate an auction item, hang posters, etc.  please email

In the meantime a great way to help the guys is to go on their website and purchase a download or buy some merch.  This will give them some immediate funds while they are resting and recovering. 

God speed friends.  I’m so glad you’re still here!


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