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Keith Jones & The Makeshifts

Keith Jones - Lead Guitar and vox
Kyle Rowsdower - Doghouse Bass/Backup Vox
Gary Turner - Drums/Backup Vox
Jeff Porada - Sax/Backup Vox 


Keith Jones and the Makeshifts are a healthy mix of rockabilly and jump blues... Which comes out sounding something like Bill Haley. Consequently, we do a lot of Bill Haley songs, as well as Elvis, Buddy Holly, Wynonie Harris, Big Joe Turner and songs that our friends have written.

The Makeshifts are truly a throwback to the late 40's early 50's. Taking their inspiration from the early jump blues artists along with traditional rockabilly, they create a sound, that, while fresh, seems to channel these great decades of the past. The Makeshifts are influenced by greats such as Buddy Holly, and Elvis as well as Louis Jordan, Wynonie Harris and Big Joe Turner, to name a few.

The Makeshifts' songs are jam-packed with quick and creative guitar solos, soulful singing, swingin' bass walks and solid, thumping drum beats. Every song they play, while respectful to the original, is tweaked into the Makeshifts' style, which is full of spirit and spontaneouity.

The Makeshifts have played all over the country and even backed up other artists several times! Performances include, oprys, dances, clubs, festivals, private parties, news casts... You name it! They've done it! With all that experience, it's easy to see why The Makeshifts are exploding onto the scene so quickly.

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