Keith Jones & The Makeshifts Album Release tSGHR 5/29

Keith Jones & the Makeshifts are a 1950's rock and roll band from Cincinnati, OH. The band is comprised of Keith Jones (lead guitar / vox), Kyle Rowsdower (doghouse bass / backup vox),  Gary Turner (drums / backup vox) and Jeff Porada (sax / backup vox). The Makeshifts are truly a throwback to the late 40's early 50's. Taking their inspiration from the early jump blues artists along with traditional rockabilly, they create a sound that, while fresh, seems to channel these great decades of the past. 

The Makeshifts' songs are jam-packed with quick and creative guitar solos, soulful singing, swingin' bass walks and solid, thumping drum beats. Every song they play, while respectful to the original, is tweaked into the Makeshifts' style, which is full of spirit and spontaneity.

On Friday, May 29th, the band is releasing their self-titled debut album, at The Southgate House Revival on Friday May 29th with friends Blair Carman and Straw Boss. The album was recorded at Orange Whale studio in Blue Ash, OH with the help of Neil Eckstein (recording and editing) and Mark Van Patten (mixing, mastering and recording). 

Keith Jones & The Makeshifts is a tribute to the swing dancer fans of the band. It means allot to the band that the fans who show up time and time again will have an album to take the sound home with them. The Makeshifts’ are excited to share the album they have been working on for a year!