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All too often, you come across bands that leave you scratching your head, saying "what the hell was that".  Bands that look like something from 20 years ago, others that sound like the same ol' crap on the radio, and others that you just plain can't stand.  Then there's this little Rock outfit from a sleepy river town that walks into a club like they own the place.  They throw songs at you that make you instantly take a stab at where they came from, but leave you thinking that you've never heard anything like it.  They have more energy than a jackrabbit in heat, and more groove than your father's Eisley Brothers records.  They're loud, pissed off, sweaty, and probably under the influence of something.  They're Mangrenade.

Mangrenade came out of nowhere in early 2012.  They hail from the Queen City of Cincinnati, where they have quickly emerged as one of the most respected acts in town, being nominated for the city's prestiegious Cincinnati Entertainment Award's 'Best Rock' category.  Pulling from influences that range from Stoner Rock to Mainstream Rock, from Metal and Punk, and everywhere in between, they have a sound that is surprisingly original and fresh that is palatable to people with all kinds of musical tastes.  The band has played with acts such as Mondo Generator and He is Legend, proving their versatility and ability to hold their own with bands who have established national credibility.  The band is comprised of Vocalist/Guitarist Nick Thieme, Vocalist/Bassist Ben Morgan, and Drummer Jake Townsend.

With a pair of EP’s under their belts, They took a break from their busy touring habits and locked themselves in the studio for the entire winter of 2013/2014 to began work on their latest creation, “Severed Part One”, the first part of a multi-part series of EP’s.  The record is chock full of the ferocity that they are known for, but it also hints at the bands ability to grow.  The five tracks that make up the new EP remind you of the Mangrenade that we all know and love, but have a new, more refined focus and vigor.  Songs like “End of the World” show the intensity of the band and instantly makes you think you are watching them live, while other tracks like “I Made It Easy” send you inside the mind of someone tormented by something awful.  All in all, this EP has the feeling of a full length album without the filler.

The new EP, “Severed Part One” will be released in May 2014 and will be followed by extensive touring and appearances.  Stay connected to Mangrenade on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram for more details!

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