Mac Sabbath


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Review: Playboy Manbaby, Okilly Dokilly, and Mac Sabbath 

Here is a little pro tip for the kids sitting in the back. Always take the time to see the opening band. Sure it can be tough sometimes waiting for the main act to finally take the stage and some openers aren’t quite up to snuff, but every now and then you are going to witness something fresh, new and soon to be on your playlist.

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Interview: Mac Sabbath 

If you don’t already know Mac Sabbath, there’s not a lot that can be done to describe it, because if I tell you that it’s a bunch of mutant fast food mascots performing “drive-thru metal” versions of Black Sabbath songs, including the “Iron Man”-esque “Frying Pan,” it exactly describes what’s going on, but in no way actually impresses upon you what it’s like.

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Mac Sabbath has to be Seen to be Believed 

Forget the traditional Valentine’s Day routine of the boring gifts of heart shaped boxes of chocolates and overpriced flowers followed by a dinner and a movie. That’s so lame. Instead do something a little different this year and take your sweetie out for a night out of some awesome live music brought to you by a bunch of crazed fast food mascots.

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Okilly Dokilly and Mac Sabbath at The Woodward 

Parody bands are great for mocking other popular groups and giving us a good laugh.  Just look at Weird Al, his parodies are fantastic, witty and fun.  But, do they rock?  Do you blast Weird Al during your workout routine?  (Well, I do.  I also bench 25 lbs) Okilly Dokilly...

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Video Premiere: Go Go Buffalo 

Go Go Buffalo has one of the largest followings of any underground rock band in Cincinnati. They have an online fan club of almost 1100 members and there is a lot of hype surrounding all of their shows, music and content. All of this attention and respect is 100% deserved. Anyone who has been to...

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Interview: Okilly Dokilly 

Heavy Metal and……Ned Flanders?  Okilly Dokilly is just exactly that and it’s an idea that is just crazy enough to work.  Their first official video for “White Wine Spritzer” blew up the internet a few months ago and they are currently on tour to support...