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Okilly Dokilly and Mac Sabbath at The Woodward

Photos By Chromatic Anthem

Parody bands are great for mocking other popular groups and giving us a good laugh.  Just look at Weird Al, his parodies are fantastic, witty and fun.  But, do they rock?  Do you blast Weird Al during your workout routine?  (Well, I do.  I also bench 25 lbs)

Okilly Dokilly and Mac Sabbath are a different breed of parody band, not only are they a great mockery of their source material but they do indeed rock.  In fact, they rocked this reviewer’s socks clean off.  I can honestly attest that this has been one of the most fun shows that I have attended in years.

Parody bands Okilly Dokilly and Mac Sabbath made their way to the Woodward Theater in support of their “Mockstrocity Tour” and played one hell of a show.

First up was the Ned Flanders (of Simpsons fame) inspired band.  Now, I could write a 14 page review alone on all the great Simpson references alone.  Don’t worry.  I will keep the Simpson fanboy at bay.  What is great about this band is that they all look like Homer Simpson’s religious neighbor with the mustaches, glasses and green sweaters.

Greeting the crowd with a calm, “Okily Dokily” the mustachioed group launched into their set.  Lead singer Head Ned warned the crowd that the songs may sound like “Rock and or Roll” before playing, “Flander Doodles” (that’s nachos Flander’s style; cucumbers with cottage cheese.)  Okilly Dokilly addressed the crowd saying that everyone at their shows are left handed (much like their namesake).

While playing “Donut Hell” the band threw an inflatable donut in the crowd, encouraging them to destroy it (which they did).  After this the Neds played perhaps their most popular song, “White Wine Spritzer”.

Now how does a band follow that up?  For their final song of the night, Head Ned said that he had to change his clothes and started taking his clothes off on stage.  Underneath was a red and blue ski suit.  The crowd roared and they finished with, “Nothing at all”.

It was a shame that Okilly Dokilly didn’t play longer.  This band is going places.

Stupid Sexy Flanders.

With all of that awesomeness it was almost hard to believe that I hadn’t seen headliner yet, the mighty Mac Sabbath.

Mac Sabbath

For those of you unfamiliar with the band, it is a McDonald’s themed Black Sabbath parody, which alone is just crazy enough to work.  Seeing them live is like a Chuck E Cheese animatronic gone bad.  You have Slayer McCheese; a hamburger head with tusks, Grimlace; a purple monster, The Cat Burgular; the Hamburglar crossed with Peter Criss, and lastly demented front man,  Ronald Osbourne who is more Joker than McDonald’s famous mascot.

Mac Sabbath didn’t disappoint.  Playing songs such as “More Ribs”, “Lord of the Swirl”, and “Chicken of the Slaves”.  The self-professed, “Drive Thru Metal Band” songs may have more cheese than a Big Mac, but the group kept the fists pumping throughout the entire set.  Ronald Osbourne did take a break from the action for a second to take a bite (a bat in a hamburger bun).

Right before their encore, the group surprisingly played a Black Flag song and a pit erupted (sorry that I don’t recall the name of the song, I was pulled into the current of the pit).  For the encore Mac Sabbath closed the night with “Frying Pan” a hilarious parody of “Iron Man”.

I’d love to tell you more about the show but I really got a hankering for an Egg McMuffin.  And maybe some fries.  And a shake.

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Mac Sabbath